How to get rid of dandruff: home remedies

Dandruff happens with any hair type - dry, oily, normal.It arises from a whole range of reasons, chief among them - the transformation of a good friend in a vicious monster.We are talking about yeast, which is included in the microflora of the skin.That is, get rid of it, in principle, it is not necessary - it is not a malicious parasite that lives in symbiosis with us and feeds our skin lipids.For the time being ...

Under the influence of a number of factors - human immune status, heredity, skin biochemistry characteristics, activity of the sebaceous glands, high temperature and humidity, sweating and other skin - fungus hitherto harmless, "mutated".

He becomes aggressive micellar fungus that is already beginning to have what his status is not necessary, and thus is not only the appearance of nasty unsightly flakes, not adorn our clothes, but also damages the skin barrier.

Fight dandruff can use shampoo, lotion, or balms containing suitable additives and can be trusted home remedies for dandruff.

1. Garlic - the main component of this vegetable, alitsin, has a powerful anti-fungal action.Use it oil extract or essential oil.The extract was rubbed into the scalp, or added to cosmetics to rinse at a concentration of 5 ml per 100 ml - 25-30 drops of 1 teaspoon balm.

2. Beech - an ancient remedy for dandruff.The aqueous extract of the leaves and decoction of kidney rubbed into the scalp.Beech contains phenols, betulin, tar, which retain water and have astringent and antiseptic.

3. Birch - also an ancient remedy for dandruff.Infusion of leaves and buds of birch broth rubbed into the scalp, and it not only helps with dandruff and cleanses the skin from the fat and other secretions.Industry produces lotions and shampoos for dandruff with an extract of birch.

4. Nettles - one of the most popular traditional medicine.A decoction of nettle leaves well rubbed into the scalp after washing hair.On the basis of the vara preparing lotions dandruff.

5. Celandine - infusion of the ground part of the plant acts as an antiseptic with antifungal and antiviral effect.Well it cleanses the skin.Ready extract was rubbed into the roots of the hair, or added in balms, shampoos and lotions in a concentration of 5 ml per 100 ml - 25-30 drops of 1 teaspoon means.

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