Solve dreams: what dreams pictures

Waking up in the morning, many of us turn to first thing in the dream book to understand the meaning of those visions that came to us during the night's rest.Interpretation of Dreams - is a science.Today there are many options for dream-books, ranging from the oldest established Mayans to contemporary who develop astrologers and scientists.In this article we will talk about what to take a picture.Get a detailed answer to this question will help us a variety of sources: the old and new.Which of them trust is a matter of choice of each person.

Why take a picture of people?

On Dream Miller, a vision of a man warns that it will soon waiting for a big hoax.For the family of people it may be a sign of the second half of flirting with another person, or even treason.See the picture reflected may mean that you unwittingly, pain and suffering families.

explains this vision during sleep Wang?She also says that it is a bad sign.If you dream you are considering on the photograph itself, it is an indication that you are unhappy, both physically and spiritually.Perhaps you are unhappy with their appearance, behavior and relationships in the family and at work.Losing a dream picture - means to make mistakes in business, not to act according to conscience and to the detriment of others.If you had a dream that is torn picture, it is very scary sign warning about diseases and loss of loved ones.

Why take a picture?Erotic dream book Freud explains this vision: you love yourself and too little attention is paid to your loved one.This applies primarily to sexuality.If you dream that you are looking at pictures of other people, it means that very soon you will find interesting introduction, which can develop into a serious relationship.

If you are in a dream looking at her picture, portrait, according to the esoteric dream book it could mean that you might hit the illness that can change the appearance.

To dream in images dear to man.What does it mean?

Want to know what your favorite photo is a dream?Ask any of the known sources of interpretation of visions.

Wang explains the dream that you are very worried about the fate of a loved one and are willing to associate with him his future life.But Miller interprets this vision as follows: your partner, you might be deceiving.Beware of treachery and betrayal on his part.According to Freud the dream can mean that you are having a great sexual attraction to this man.This is a tip for those who have not decided to enter into a serious relationship.Perhaps we should trust their own feelings?About illness favorite prevents such vision, according to the esoteric interpretation of the dream book.If you are considering in a dream photo ex-boyfriend or husband, it means that it is possible the resumption of relations with him.

to you in the night visions come to dead people.Is this good or bad?

Dream Miller explains that picture that you expect some kind of test.You must be prepared to overcome difficulties and to take very important decisions.What dream picture of the deceased?Interpretation Vanga in this regard is that you or someone close to you is seriously ill.Perhaps the magnitude of this disease spread to all family members.If you saw a picture of the deceased friend, it is a sign that change is coming to life.Sigmund Freud, the dream would explain the fact that you have health problems in the sexual sphere.If photo shows the dead baby, this could mean difficulty conceiving and bearing children.Modern dream books interpret this vision as follows: soon you will receive good news, most likely it will be a letter or parcel.Large and good things will happen in the lives of those in the vision seems a photo of the deceased, and then in the same dream, he comes to life.

In a dream saw pictures of people.How to explain this picture?

Next let's talk about what a dream view photos of strangers.Almost all popular dream books (Vanga, Miller, esoteric) interpret this vision as a warning about the problems, troubles and possible deceptions and disappointments.According to Freud the dream is because you need attention and care, you do not have enough love and affection.Modern experts in the interpretation of dreams is said that such a picture - a sign that you are expected to meet new people, which will play an important role later in life.This may mean that you entrust important information.If the picture you see a relative, perhaps, soon you will get a prize, an expensive gift or inheritance.

What old picture taken?

These visions mean exposure of fraud or conspiracy.Did you uncover someone's secret, that will affect the future course of your life.Soon there will be events connected with the past.Perhaps there are relatives, which you did not know, or will reveal family secrets of past generations of your family.If you see an old picture fuzzy, blurry images, it is a sign that you are condemned for the eyes, and loved ones can slander and betray.

Dreams related photos

Vision, in which there is a lot of pictures at once, said that you need to communicate, you do not get enough attention from others.

rest and peace comes in the life of those who dreamed of a lot of pictures, which he places on the pages of the album.But to remove the pictures out may mean that you are waiting for new developments and changes in career and personal relationships.

What dream view photos of parents?This can be explained by the fact that they need your help and attention.And pictures of friends in visions of the night - it's a sign that you will soon take off to meet.

If you see the picture in a dream without images, but know exactly who it was, it may indicate that this person will soon strongly sick or die.

Why take a picture?Possible interpretations of these visions we have reviewed in this article, but believe it or not, is a personal matter.Let your sleep will be quiet and sweet.