How to make a "Twister" with his own hands

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¬ęTwister" - one of the most popular games in the United States.It plays everything from kids to adults and everywhere - on children's matinees, parties, picnics or just during get-togethers with friends ... We suggest you learn how to make the game "Twister" with his own hands.


lovers of the game "Twister" have to thank for its creation of two American inventors - Twister Charles F. Foley and Neil V. Rabensa.

hard to imagine, but in the first years of its existence, the fun is not particularly popular.And all because of wrong marketing move.Rather than promote the product among young people (which this game is somehow perfectly suited), the management somehow decided that their potential customers should be the average American moms around the age of 35 years.

Fun and lost to the shelves of toy stores, if not for his Majesty the case.Leading a very popular TV show Tonight Show Johnny Carson 3 May 1966 offered to play "Twister" guest star - Eva Gabor.And while the actress in her evening dress elegantly moved on the playing field, most of the spectators had rushed to ring round shopping and checkout process for the purchase of "Twister."After this momentous day in the course of the year has sold more than three million copies of the game.

Today "Twister" was still popular, both in his native America, and in other countries.But all rights owned by Hasbro.

Game Description

game "Twister" consists of a large playing field (mat), which expanded on the floor, and roulette.

magnitude of the mat - 150 x 180 centimeters.It is an oil-cloth or sheet, which drew a large circle of green, red, blue and yellow in four rows.

Roulette is like a clock, but the arrows do not move themselves, and rotate players."Dial" is divided into four segments, which are also divided by color.

information on roulette



right leg


right hand




Left Hand


Game Rules

playing field is decomposed into level ground.In addition to the players, to be still leading, which will spin the wheel.The number of participants is not limited.Just when many people share in the team.


  1. or become members around the playing field, or take up the cell.
  2. Leading spinning roulette wheel, and then select the player and said he had the combination of body and color (eg, right leg and red).This means that the participant should be on any red circle right foot.
  3. After each stroke the leading spinning roulette and calls the combinations to the next player.
  4. If the party had the combination of which he already has, he still has to make a move.
  5. The same terms can not hold the two players, and body parts.
  6. If during the game following any color fully engaged, the master continues to spin the wheel until a free fall color.
  7. Prior to the announcement of a new combination of the player, it does not remove the arm or leg off.
  8. If a player has been dropped or touched the knee or elbow of the playing field, it is eliminated from the game.
  9. victory goes to the one who was able to hold the longest on the playing field.

How to make a "Twister" with his own hands?

course, you can buy ready-made game.But much nicer to do it yourself.And if you bring to the process of creating more and children?Delight is not the limit, believe me!Even if you do not know how to make a "Twister" with his own hands, do not worry.There's nothing complicated.The main thing - the desire, fantasy and the presence of at least some materials.

So, you will need:

1. For the playing field:

  • oilcloth, sheets, a piece of white cloth, drawing paper - for the base;
  • paint on fabric, the tissue paper - for circles of blue, red, green and yellow.

2. For roulette:

  • plate, board, cardboard - for the base;
  • markers, paint, colored paper and pencils - to fill sectors;
  • arrow, pencil, stick - for the pointer.

3. Additional tools:

  • scissors;
  • brush;
  • needle and thread;
  • glue.

How to make the playing field?

No matter what becomes of the game "Twister" with his own hands (fabric, rubber sheet or paper), standard field of play must have dimensions of 150 x 180 cm.

Once the foundation is ready, proceed to the creation of the six circles.They can be:

  • cut fabric, and then sew or glue using a special glue to the base;
  • draw paint;
  • cut from paper and glued to the base.

In the standard game has a specific procedure for filling the playing field circles:

  • number 1 - red;
  • 2 row - blue;
  • number 3 - yellow;
  • number 4 - green.

you may at its sole discretion to scatter circles in a chaotic manner.So it will be even more interesting.The main thing is to observe the proportion - 6 circles of 4 colors.

How to roulette?

offer you to create the game "Twister" with his own hands two variants of roulette patterns.

first - a classic in the form of a square or a circle.This roulette is most easily done as follows:

1. Take a dense cardboard or thin plank.It can be painted in any color on request.

2. Make the sector: draw paints, markers, crayons or cut and paste parts of the paper.

3. Make the pointer in the center of the rotating roulette:

  • take a stick (eg, ice cream), do it in the middle of a small hole, attach to the board with the help of bolts and nuts;
  • arrow cut from cardboard and attach to the face of a small nail;
  • just put in the middle of the roulette pencil.

segments shall be as follows:

  • left leg: mark (circles or squares) of red, green, yellow and blue;
  • left hand: the level of red, green, yellow and blue;
  • right foot: the level of red, green, yellow and blue;
  • right hand: the level of red, blue, yellow and green.

example on the picture.

second option roulette

From novvovvedeny not help the game "Twister."Hand made original fun and not too difficult.For example, you can alternatively take a roulette dice.

you need to do two dice - one with an indication of the color, the other - with the designation of the body.Their peculiarity lies in the fact that the number of sides is equal to four, rather than six, as in the dice.

therefore invite you to make cubes, reminiscent of a brick (as indicated in the picture).

There are two ways to create dice.


  1. carved out of two identical cardboard cube layout, then carefully glue them.
  2. wait until the glue dries.
  3. takes one die and on the long sides of the paste or paint pictures themselves, pointing to parts of the body: the left foot, right foot, left hand, right hand.
  4. takes another one die and either paint over the long sides or papered with colored paper in their respective colors: red, blue, green and yellow.

second option:

  1. make your computer two models: one with an indication of color, the other - part of the body.
  2. print out both options.
  3. models are glued blocks.

game ready.To have your "Twister" is not damaged or lost, select it under a special box.