Manicure with holes - how to do?

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Female hands should always look neat and attractive.Manicure is the final stage of creating the style.He can perfectly complement a particular way or be completely inappropriate.In this article, we will focus on how to make manicure with holes.You will find the highlights and features of this design.

Manicure with holes

This nail design was invented a long time ago.However, with the passage of time and introduction of new trends and images, such coverage was outdated and uninteresting.Only a few years ago, the young lady again reminded of what a manicure with holes.

Now such coating is used everywhere.It was very stylish and fashionable.Manicure with hole suitable for both young girls, prefer bright colors, and strict ladies, sticking to office style.

Before you make such a manicure, is to prepare certain materials.These include stencils, brushes for varnish coating suitable tones, degreaser, tampons and devices for the treatment of nails.Manicure with a hole is created in several stages.At first glance, everything is very difficult.However, having studied the step by step instructions, you can easily create a design of their own hands.

First step: preparation of the nails and skin treatment Manicure

the hole with a transparent or colored coating of this part involves pretreatment marigolds.Be sure to soften the cuticles and remove unwanted skin.Design draws attention on this area, so it should be the perfect shape.

After filing and shaping the plate, wipe it with a swab soaked in degreaser.This will allow the varnish to go smoothly and fast dry.

Second step: decoration wells

If you want a manicure with white the hole, then proceed as follows.Cover the nail varnish selected dense color and let it dry.After that, take the French manicure stencils and glue them on top of the plate.Select a basic color and apply it on the nail.The upper part, separated stencil should remain intact.

If you want to make moon manicure with transparent the hole, then we have to act a little differently.Select the appropriate color claw.Thereafter glue stencils in the same manner as described above.Cover the nail varnish, and wait until it dries.Then gently peel off the stencil.Now you need to draw a flat "smile."Not always it turns out to do from the first time.Take a broad brush.If the edge is arcuate, the work will be easier.Moisten the tool in nail polish remover and modify the rim.If necessary, thin brush Draw a clear line.

There is also another option to create the color wells.It is suitable when it is necessary to make the dark "smile" on the main bright tone.Cover the nail varnish selected and allow to fully dry.Thereafter glue stencils for a French manicure to the upper part of the plate, they should however be positioned slightly lower than the above-described methods.Apply paint the desired color in a limited space and let it dry.

The third step: the final touches

Moon manicure must be covered with a fixing agent.Otherwise shades can begin shearing uneven and will be noticeable transition between them.

Apply the top layer of the final cover only after the complete drying of all parts.Otherwise, you can create a design to grease.

Alternative vyrisovyvaniya holes

If you want to create an original manicure, use different stencils.They may take the form of a square, triangle, zigzag, and so on.These accessories can be purchased at every cosmetic store.

Also, you can express their imagination and to draw on their own part.To do this, you need a variety of brushes and favorite shades of nail polish.Remember that light colors need to be applied under the dark and vice versa.If you cover the plate in black on top and white will draw well, the design can get awkward.

Stickers Nail

Currently, manufacturers of nail art offered to purchase a special sticker.They have applied color and drawn well.You just need to stick to accessories such nails and cover fixing means.There is no need to try to make the symmetrical nails yourself.Remember, the labels must be pre-shaped nails clipped.You must glue them on a clean, pre-degreased plate.

You can also buy ready-made wells.They must apply to the pre-color coating.Dosing of each accessory is described on the package.It may be thin films, which are removed with base in water and superposed on the plate.You can also choose the means with the adhesive surface that looks like a thick paper material.

All of these tools can be easily removed at the earliest appropriate.Erase the upper protective cover and remove the sticker.Such accessories do not damage your nails.


If you want to make moon manicure, but you do not have time for this and imagination, you can visit the salon.Experts quickly bring your plate back to normal and will process the cuticle.The wizard then strike the right color quickly and will issue well.It is worth remembering that such a procedure will cost about 200-600 rubles.

If you want to cover the nails colored gel or gel lacquer, such work will have a higher price (500-1200 rubles).However, this design will be held not less than one month.

conduct experiments on his own manicure.Do not be upset if the first time independent work failed.Be patient, and soon you will be able to make a spectacular and original manicure at home.I wish you success!