Infrasound weapons: history (photo)

mankind in its entire history has created an incredible number of devices and mechanisms for the destruction of all living things.However, the practice of wars shows that the killing of enemies rarely leads to the final victory.In place of the deceased soldiers are others, and the conflict may continue for a long time.History knows many examples of wars that lasted for centuries.In the twentieth century inventors in different countries are thinking about ways to neutralize the enemy's so-called non-lethal methods.Work began on psychotropic drugs, one of which is infrasound weapons.History and the current state of his decades hidden behind a veil of secrecy.


infrasound waves propagating in the air, are divided into three basic frequency ranges.Audible spectrum occupied by the maximum evaluation interval between 20 and 20 000 Hz, relates to a sonic or audio range.The boundaries of his relative and depend on the characteristics of the hearing to be an objective assessment of the post-build audiogram, individual for each person.Higher tones are called ultrasound.The frequencies from zero (ie, complete silence) to 20 Hertz are infraakusticheskomu range.Such fluctuations in ambient air rare person does not feel.But the lack of sensation does not mean that they have no effect on the body and psyche.It is the effect produced by the low frequency behavior of people, built infrasound weapons.The idea of ​​its creation is not new, it captured the imagination in the first half of the XX century, but its implementation in practice, proved to be quite difficult.

Installation Tsippermayera

fact that every material body has its own vibration frequency - the well-known scientific fact.If the external effect of it on the same period, there is a sharp increase in the amplitude, sometimes leading to the destruction of the object.This phenomenon is called resonance.Austrian physicist Tsippermayer during the war tried to use the air waves subsonic range to defeat the British and American bombers.In 1943, he even gathered installation, according to his calculations, capable of disabling enemy aircraft.

It is not known whether it was a neat trick, made in order to convince the Nazi leadership in the prospects for the development or Tsippermayeru actually managed to split the UHF board on the two hundred meter distance acoustic wave hit, but no further experiments have failed, and the draftclosed.Despite the lack of success, it can be argued that the vortex gun was a weapon infrasound.Photos add to the list of its "vundervaffe" with which Hitler hoped to turn the tide of the war.

experiments Dr. Richard Vallausheka

In the concentration camps the Nazis committed many crimes, some of whom wore a quasi-scientific in nature.Tyrolean Research Institute worked on the efficiency of acoustic effects on the human body.The experiments were performed on prisoners and prisoners of war: they are placed in a low-frequency field and watched the deteriorating state of health of experimental people.The symptoms look worse (vomiting, panic, obsession, degradation and termination of the respiratory function, digestive disorders), the more perfect it was considered infrasound weapons.

This fanaticism continued under the guidance of a doctor-murderer and a war criminal Dr. Richard Vallausheka until January 1945.Installation is a special generator that runs on methane and oxygen, with emitters, like a giant (3.25 m in diameter) dynamics, but it is only operated in close proximity (60 meters).According to the laws of physics, the intensity of the impact of falling square Distance.

«The psychotropic" frequency

After the war, the German weapon infrasound - sound gun constructed Vallaushekom - went to the Americans, they captured him in the city Hillersleben.Greater interest in gun had not caused, but remembered about it at the beginning of the space age, when in doubt is that the astronauts will be able to carry out their duties under strong vibration, inevitable during the launch.NASA decided to see the results of the experiments that have been made in Nazi Germany.Additional experiments allowed to identify the most "psychotropic" frequency of 19 hertz, which when exposed to the intensity of 155 dB in the irradiated persons having hallucinations.Many scientists in the United States seemed to be found the key, using which you can easily create infrasound weapons.It turned out, however, is not so simple in practice.

rumors and speculation

reliably find out how you can influence the minds and well-being, apparently, has not yet succeeded.In the media from time to time flashed sensational reports about allegedly held in the USSR experiments on ordinary people to stand in line and covers an inexplicable panic during their journey by their mysterious car.Documentary evidence of those facts is not, but avid for sensations townsfolk eager to embrace and unverified information.

Doctors argue that the headache cause fluctuations of 20 to 30 Hz.Have their resonant frequencies and other vital organs such as a heart (5 Hz), gastric (3 Hz), kidney (7 Hz), and so on.However, these data do not in themselves mean that infrasound weapons of mass destruction can be created in the near future.

What stands out for special weapons at the household level and during the war

market dictates its own laws: personal defense are sold all over the world, and new items are widely advertised.Devices Compact size and light weight, which can have a powerful directional sound effects on strikers in recent years become a hot commodity.There are cases of successful application (for example, against the Somali pirates).As a rule, it is not a weapon infrasound - it operates at frequencies of sound, audible to the human ear (2-3 kHz), and is just a strong irritant, dumbfounded aggressor and deducing it from the mental equilibrium.The same applies to more powerful systems used by US forces in Iraq and other countries to suppress the manifestations of mass dissatisfaction.Strong and sharp noise operates smoothly, it is disconcerting especially if there is a sudden.It is easy to create using conventional translational units.But infrasound weapons, if it exists, operates secretly and selectively.


works in the field of psychotropic effects subakusticheskogo undoubtedly underway in various countries, including in Russia.The main stumbling block seems to have become methods of radiation waves sufficient efficiency and desired band.Even people who are not very familiar with the technique, it is clear that conventional electromagnetic speaker, even a very high quality, with the task failed: he has too low efficiency and small possibility of targeting.Create an oscillating system with a range of less than 20 Hz enormous power is virtually impossible.Panic is the use of NATO forces "sonic booms", but its effect is too short.Do not be so modern infrasound weapons.Driving his emitters, likely to be based on piezoelectric elements, virtually no restrictions on the frequency range.

Russian leadership clearly understands the importance of this type of advanced weapons.