What is the record of the hearing?

No matter what the offense was, the plant matter.Matter referred to a special folder for papers, which are documents with records about the circumstances of the incident action.Typically, this examination of the place where the crime happened, the testimony of victims, interviewing suspects, with the characteristics of jobs participants certificates and other papers relating to the proceedings for any violation.But the lack of paperwork, not only during the period of investigation.In fact, during the trial and make the relevant documents.First of all, it is the court records.

What is it?The form in which the trial records, usually strictly defined.All the words spoken during the proceedings in the courtroom, must be written to it.During the absence of modern technology, such as a computer, in the halls were special people - clerks.They wrote everything by hand.Currently engaged in this court clerks that typing on the computer.

Secretary of the meeting - a person with the appropriate legal form.During the hearing in the courtroom, he can use any way to record information, such as video or audio recording.This fact should be recorded separately in the minutes.Each participant may submit an application on the removal of the court clerk, stating the reason (a relative of any of the parties, incompetence and so on).

Preparation protocol is the responsible thing, which is carried out within three days after the end of the hearing.The Secretary shall make all information on the composition of the court (Chairman, representatives of the parties, the Secretary, in which the court was listening).Be sure to make a record of the hearing on the case of these participants (the turnout of persons, personal information, clarifications parties their rights and obligations).If the parties in the proceedings refer to the evidence, it is made in the protocol.It also indicates the case number, date and time of the hearing.

require special attention and explanation of the petition on the merits of participants occurred offense made by the parties and sentencing.
protocol is signed by all parties involved in the proceedings.Copies are issued for the prosecution and the defense.Original applied to that considered the case and handed it to the archive.

if within five days of any of the actors (participants of the case) will detect errors or omissions, it may submit its comments on the report.They submitted in writing to the specific points.These comments must consider the judge (in five days).

If the defect was discovered after the court decision came into force, the protocol can not be corrected.In this case it is necessary to appeal the decision of the court in courts of second or third instance, it takes a lot of time.Inattention to study such papers as the record of the hearing, can lead to unpleasant consequences.For example, instead of imprisonment probation.