Height, weight, Chris Evans - not a decisive figure in the actor's popularity rating

Captain America, a favorite of thousands of women, mysterious, not only in terms of relationships with the girls, but also on the physical parameters.Looking through the global network, you can see the information, giving contradictory information about what height, weight, Chris Evans.

study of the physical parameters of Christopher Robert Evans today we are going to do.But first we learn a little more about the Captain America.

transformation of the body of Chris Evans

can say that the world fame and women have come to love Christopher Robert Evans after the acclaimed film "The First Avenger".

before the audience in the form of an invincible, invincible superhero, Marvel Comics character Captain America, who also has a perfect body, brought the young actor Chris Evans, height and weight, by the way, thanks to significantly mutated Captain costume.Chris markedly stretched and began to look much brutality.

however remarkable figure - not just the result of perfectly matched the suit, but also the fruit of continuous training.We know that Chris Evans before filming the movie "The First Avenger" weighed 82 kilograms.During pre-production, he gained muscle mass: about 12 kg.

Chris Evans, height, weight, which we are now studying, always involved in weight training, but before the film "The First Avenger", he began to study tighter abdominal muscles, chest and arms.

The training program included different sets of exercises from different positions in the push to use iron.Staying in a closed space, Chris chose basketball, football, so it was easier to find on the field than on a treadmill.

¬ęThe cycling carbs" - the key to beauty of the body of Chris Evans

¬ęThe most difficult step in the preparation of the" new "body has been improved diet": such a confession made himself, Chris Evans.

Height, weight it now are in perfect balance.And all because the main purpose of diet and exercise was not gaining weight and build muscle mass.

diet is a huge consumption of protein and carbohydrate foods.Chris before training lean on protein and carbohydrates in after it - to the proteins.Two days a week he made a break from workouts and diets "The cycling of carbohydrates."This weekend, he ate everything that your heart desires, but limit yourself to carbohydrates.

Through drying height, weight, Chris Evans became one of his virtues.This is the fee for permanent training and the content itself within the strict framework.

What height, weight, Chris Evans?

As already noted, the information on height and weight Chris quite contradictory.Some shout about its all-time high and slender body, while others argue that Chris won only through Defined torso and chest.

most common figures: 184 cm - height, weight, Chris Evans - 86 kg.

Less common data say that its growth does not reach 180 cm. However, the weight varies in the previously mentioned contact parameters.

How and where to learn the truth?

probably should examine pictures where beside the object of our study and the same distance from the camera is a person whose height is known precisely.To do this, we choose fellow actors with whom he has encountered on the set.

Chris Evans: height, weight."The First Avenger", a comparison with the actors

Growth Forest Whitaker known to the nearest centimeter and is 188 cm. However, as the following photo hosting, the difference between men is 4 cm. Naturally, the exact difference to call, we can not butEye, it is about 7 cm.

Conclusions do early.Therefore, we consider the growth of another partner in the set.Chris Hemsworth is high enough, because his height is 190 cm. Again, determine the difference in the eyes of the photo: approximately 10 cm.

Now Ioan Gruffudd.Details of its growth is also not accurate: the range of 180 to 182 cm. It is clear from a joint photograph of Evans and Griffith, Chris Yoan a little higher, that breaks the theory of the growth of the test character overvalued.

It concluded: Chris Evans below 182 cm, not to mention the 184 and 186 ...

But what is there to argue, if the audience likes it not for growth, but for acting talent?Chris among the six most desirable women in the world.It does not matter what his height.The more that 182 cm - this is not so little.In any case, the body of the actor in proportion and attractive to women.