Vitamin hair from falling out - what to choose?

Many women face the problem of hair loss.The reasons may be different - from a simple lack of micronutrients to serious diseases.Similarly, the physician can set.In any case it is necessary to use hair vitamin.From loss help and masks.What do we have to do?How to combine the mask and vitamins?Detail in this article.

Vitamin Hair

from falling out in pharmacies sell special vitamin complexes - they podobranny so as to compensate for the lack of trace elements in the body.You can make the most effective and vitamins for hair loss.

Prepare yourself

To do this, buy a pharmacy vitamins "E" and "A" - the so-called "female", calcium tablets and preparation "Avadetrim."Vitamin "E" and "A" add shampoo and hair conditioner, which normally wash your hair.A calcium and means "Akvadetrim" is used according to instructions.

complex vitamins for hair loss from

Good complex can pick up in the finished form.For example, "Lady Formula nails and hair."In this complex everything is chosen so that the body can easily absorb vitamins and minerals.In addition to calcium and "female" vitamin, it has more and magnesium, fluorine, phosphorus and many other necessary ingredients for beauty.Vitamin complex "Alphabet" is well suited for those who have much hair fall out.Plus, this drug is that it takes into account that the use of a certain group of the components can not be combined with other minerals.

Hair loss after childbirth

Vitamins postpartum drink is not just necessary, but necessary.A woman's body after pregnancy exhausted.Therefore, the hair can fall out, nails break and crumble teeth.To avoid this, it is important during the gestation of the child to take vitamins.But they should be selected with reference to the fact that the woman is pregnant.For example, there are special vitamins for pregnant women.The best choice are drugs such as "Eleven", "Alphabet mom," "Mama Komplevit."But you need to eat right - cheese, milk, meat, fruits and vegetables - is an integral part of the diet of a young mother.

How should I take a vitamin for hair from falling out?

First of all, check with your doctor, it is not always the cause of hair loss can be a lack of vitamins.If, however, the matter is in short supply of minerals, get vitamin complex.Take it should be according to instructions and in any case not exceed the recommended dosage.

masks from hair loss

Best Mask - is mustard.2 tablespoons mustard mixed with egg white, add 50 ml of water.Rub your head and wrap up the package.Hold 30 minutes.This method will help to prevent hair loss.

oils from hair loss

saturate the scalp with vitamins and oils.Linseed oil, sea buckthorn and olive oil mixed in equal proportions and apply on the scalp.Withstand 30 minutes.A burdock will not only stop the loss, but also accelerate the growth of hair.You can buy in a drugstore oil with various additives specifically designed to strengthen the hair.