Arkhangelsk diocese.

Arkhangelsk diocese has a rich history.Her education at the time it became necessary due to the promotion of Christianity, as well as to offer resistance to the Old Believers, fight the split.

History of the Arkhangelsk and Kholmogory Diocese

According to historical records, it was founded in 1682, in March.Throughout its history, it changed the territory that was controlled by it.Accordingly, some changed and names.For example, from 1682 to 1731 it was called Kholmogorsk and Vazhsky diocese centered Kholmogory (there was a chair).From 1731 to 1787 it was Arkhangelogorodskaya and Kholmogory Diocese.

1762 brought changes.The current Arkhangelsk diocese changed the control center, which was moved to the same city forever.A few years later the name changed again to Arkhangelsk and Olonets (from 1787 to 1799).

very long time (from 1799 to 1985) was called the Diocese of Archangelsk and Kholmogory.Then ten years was again changed its name, but in 1995 all came back.

In December 2011, the Arkhangelsk and Kholmogory Diocese at a meeting of the Holy Synod put in Arkhangelsk metropolitan.

the Arkhangelsk diocese

In order to find out where it is, you will need the dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church map.It can be seen that today it is the territory of the Arkhangelsk region.Of course, she herself is quite large, so the diocese are Vynohradiv, Seaside, Kargopol, Kholmogory, Onega and other nearby areas.

You should also know that it is part of the Archdiocese of Arkhangelsk.

Monastery belonging to the diocese

on the territory of the diocese there are several monasteries.Consider some of them.

Alexander Oshevensky monastery.It has a rich history.Approximate date of foundation - is 1460's.The founder of the monastery is considered Alexander Oshevensky that, the advice of his father, came to the places where now stands the monastery, and settled here.When the life of Alexander Nicholas Church was built, which is considered the first.

After the death of the founder of the monastery fell into disrepair.The situation changed in 1488 when the monastery began to increase the number of its land holdings, buildings.

If we talk about today's time, the monastery is in decline.In 1928 he ceased to act, eventually became just the ruins.The Russian Orthodox Church can not forget the importance of this monastery, so now it is restoring.There monastery building, where the monks live.

Antony of Siya Monastery.It is close to Arkhangelsk, on the peninsula near Lake Big Mikhailovskoye.Year of foundation of the monastery is considered to be 1520, and the founder - Ven.Antony.

monastery survived the years of decline during the Soviet era, when it was closed and placed in the territory of all kinds of facilities for relaxation and fun.Russian Orthodox Church received it only in its use in 1992.Resident started to recover.

Kozhezersky Epiphany Monastery.He survived several times decline and revival.Located near Lake Kozhozero, namely Lopskom Peninsula.

was founded back in 1560.Its founders considered Niphon and Serapion Kozhozero.The monastery grew until 1764, when it was abolished.Once again, his discovery happened in 1853.He worked until the times of the Soviet Union, when the monastery was closed again.Only in 1999, he was re-opened and declared valid.

convent belonging to the diocese

also on the territory of the diocese, there are convents.Consider some of them.

Monastery of St. John the Theologian.It is located in the village of Yershovka.It was founded not so long ago - in 1994.Originally women's community, who tried to return a farmstead, which were previously in the possession of Sura convent.It was moved to the present location in 1996.

Sursky John the Theologian monastery.This is a more ancient community, which is in the village of Sura.Can be considered as the founding year of 1899. The initiator was the John of Kronstadt.

In Soviet times, was closed.Again working monastery was only in 2012 at the urging of the Holy Synod.

obey the diocese - educational and social institutions

Arkhangelsk diocese and its leadership cares not only about the spiritual life of his parishioners, but also helps in case of need.For example, at the monastery of St. John the Theologian (female) is an orphanage for girls.

For women who after childbirth or during pregnancy need help, there is the Center of protection of motherhood.It is located in Arkhangelsk at Assumption Cathedral.

In Verkolsky monastery can help those who do not have their own home, as well as those who just got out of prison and in need of support, housing.

Also, almost every monastery and the parish has a Sunday school.

Shrine Arkhangelsk and Kholmogory Diocese

Arkhangelsk diocese also rich in shrines, which are in its possession.For example, in Antony of Siya Monastery are relics of its founder.The temple is Koryazhma sackcloth and chains Monk Longin Koryazhemsky.By the way, the day when they were returned to their homeland, is now celebrated as the Day of the city.

Arkhangelsk is one of the most famous shrines, namely the icon of the Archangel Michael.It was written in the middle of the XVIII century.Its value is in the fact that it is the archangel Michael is the patron saint of the whole earth Arkhangelsk.

Another relic is the miraculous icon of the Mother of God "Quick to Hearken".It is located in Solombala temple in Arkhangelsk.

And this is not the whole list of shrines that can be found in the diocese.

Saints Arkhangelsk diocese

This land is also famous for its saints who have glorified it by their actions throughout the world.For example, in the assembly of the holy land of the Arkhangelsk can be noted prep.Euphemia and saints Anthony and Felix.

Monk brought to these lands the first word of Jesus, because in those days there was regarded paganism and worshiped, according to tradition, a variety of subjects, but one Lord.Yefim struggled to turn the inhabitants of these places to Orthodoxy - both in word and example of his life.And it worked.After a while many came to life righteous.

Speaking of St. Anthony and Felix, it was two brothers who have good character, always helping their parents.One of the brothers even gave their land to the monastery of Archangel Michael.

brothers drowned in 1418, but their bodies miraculously issued to the place where now stands the monastery Korelskiy.Above the place where they were buried, placed a wooden chapel, and in 1719 built a temple.

However, the diocese of the Arkhangelsk region is famous for its numerous saints, ascetics, the old men who lived on its territory.This blessed place that nurtured more than one of their generation.

existing dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church

If we consider the diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, they are quite a large number, both in Russia and abroad.For example, there are in America, in Europe.Almost each of them has in its subordinate monasteries, various agencies that provide assistance to those in need.Some are educational institutions.

Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church to spend more social work with the population.This, for example, help with drug and alcohol addiction, educational work of all sections of the population, especially young people, as well as other works.