Psychological features of business communication

Psychological features of business communication enclosed in gestures, facial expressions and intonation, which are an essential part.Sometimes, using these tools, you can pass much more than words.Such information usually causes the greatest confidence.When two contradictory sources of information (verbal and nonverbal), the more trust is non-verbal information.Therefore, significant, not so much what is said as how it's done.

features business negotiations concluded that in a business meeting, it is important to control their facial expressions and movements, as well as be able to interpret gestures and facial expressions partner.It is important to know, and the skillful use of non-verbal language in communication.

Psychological features of business communication with non-verbal methods can be interpreted in two ways.The ambiguity of sign language does not provide a good dictionary when used in all cases of life.In the process of communication, much depends on the content and the general atmosphere of the conversation.

Non-verbal means of communication are crucial early in the relationship.This exhibit features and business communication.Still does not say a word, but it received the first assessment of the interlocutor, which is difficult to change later.

So what particular business negotiations should be considered in a business meeting.

Firstly, it is important and necessary to show your interest in the other party conversation, openness to new ideas and suggestions and willingness to cooperate.One should pay attention to posture, looks and gestures, without disrupting the naturalness of your behavior.

The negotiations should not be closed, or to take an aggressive stance.Do not turn a blind eye glasses with tinted windows, as this may disturb the atmosphere of dialogue.Poses interlocutors reflect their psychological subordination.They say a lot without words.

In organizing the talks, it is important to remember that the shape of the table where the conversation will take place, affect their character.The round table symbolizes the equality of participants, the free exchange of views and opinions, the informal nature of the meeting.If the office of a T-shaped table, then the owner of the office, unwilling to show dominance, can sit in front of the interlocutor, leaving his chair.

gestures carry a lot of information.They may serve as a sign to the end of the meeting or indicate that the conversation interested.The following types of gestures:

1. Gestures symbols.For example, released today an American icon "OK" is transmitted by the thumb and index fingers, which are folded in the shape of the letter "O".But such a gesture is not generally accepted as in France - is zero, and in Japan this gesture means money.

gestures Other characters are also limited within a certain area or culture, sometimes such specificity is understood in two ways.

2. Gestures illustrators, uses to illustrate what has been said.They are designed to enhance the key moments of the conversation for best memory.The most common gesture - an indication of a hand a certain direction.

use of such indications culturally determined.The main cultural difference manifests itself in the intensity of their use.

3. Gestures regulators used at the beginning and end of the negotiations.For example, the traditional form of greeting - a handshake.In the business world, such a gesture is used not only to welcome but also as a symbol of the agreement, as well as a sign of respect and trust in the partner.

Gestures regulators used as a means to keep the conversation or label it is ending.

4. -adaptory gestures that accompany, as a rule, our emotions and feelings.They manifest themselves in situations of anxiety, stress, are the first signals of the experience.

Features business communication are not only that sounded above.They also include a smile, the distance between the interlocutors and opinion.

As a result, at the end to the above, the following should be noted: Monitor your gestures and emotions, watching closely companions during business meetings.It will see a lot of informative, interesting moments that are able to facilitate your professional activities.