Shaitan - who is this?

This term has come to us from the distant Arab East.More specifically, "Satan" - is derived from drevnesemitskogo "Gaitan", which literally means "adversary."That is Satan - the enemy of mankind, Satan, treacherous, bad, malicious spirit of the devil.There are two definitions that are more prevalent in the Muslim world is, as it means "a believer from among the jinn" and "whoever causes of hopelessness and despair."

evil spirit in the Islamic theology

Shaitan - is being very abusive.It belongs to the representatives of the evil spirits in the Islamic theology, is hostile to people and to God.Shaitan has superpowers - the transformation can take any human form.After kiyamata, or, in our opinion, judgment day, Mr. devils Iblis and his staff were all condemned to inhuman, hellish torment.He is using his servants to distract people from the good things, seduces and incites them to commit sins.Shaitanov can generate their master - Iblis, they are made of smoke or fire, and can also make the metamorphosis - apparently take different forms.So the statement, which says that the devil - Iblis is not always correct, it is their ideological leader, grandparent.Living all these spirits big happy family in different countries and regions.At devils may be different names.Just as Iblis is synonymous with Raj, which translated into Russian - "beatable", the word "Satan" is a synonym of the Bible - Satan.It turns out that the devil - the devil.

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eternal war for the soul of man

According to Islamic tradition, these evil spirits egged on the mistakes and sins of different prophets, for example, Yusuf, and many other good people.Some of the devils was temporarily subordinated to the Prophet Suleiman, but later they have returned to their dirty work.Until now, the spirits prevent people pray, and some even learn magic or witchcraft.Shaitan - is Satan tempting honest man in the street and sent to the path curve.These creatures make people do bad actions under the guise of good, good spirits and forget about God.It is believed that each person has his angel, and her Shaitan, who are fighting for the human heart and the immortal soul.The evil nature of man knocked at the correct paths, causing him envy, rage and anger, as well as using such human weaknesses as the desire for pleasure, and other carnal desire.Shaitan - is hell, if you look in the analogue Slavic mythology.

obstinate unbelief and jinn

But not all that bad.To ward off the evil of Satan only need to call for the help of Allah.Some Muslim scholars believe the spirits of unbelief and rebellious jinn, the other part belongs to a special category of beings that are doomed to punishment in a fiery hell.And from the memories of hell fire and went belief that Satan - it is something satanic.Pre-Islamic Arabia was trying to find devils in good quality and believe that they are the intermediaries who help to communicate with the other world poets and soothsayers.That's why the differences are prevalent: Satan - who is this: an evil demon, or simply otherworldly mediator.The theological writings in the Koran, and devils Iblis sometimes interchangeable.This is due to the fact that all the evil spirits are subject to him and fulfill all his commands and instructions.Iblis Shaitan - a genie, who in his zeal got closer to God by God, he was among the angels, but also the pride of his undoing.Because of her Iblis was expelled from heaven, whereupon he angry with the people and God and the faithful began to shoot down the right path.

having a plurality of individual

Iblis, like an actor Brazilian TV series, has many names.It can be called al-Aduvv - enemy Shaitan - because of its supremacy over evil spirits, and Aduvv Allah, which means the enemy of Allah.Often used to Iblis epithet "Raja."To protect against this patron devils Muslims recite their last sura of the holy Koran, or simply praying.

Commander evil spirits

The Koran says that Iblis did not obey the orders of Allah fall prostrate before Adam - pervosotvorennym man.Because Raja al-Aduvv disobeyed orders, Allah cast him from heaven and condemned to terrible torments, but Iblis supreme ruler persuaded to delay the punishment till Doomsday.Patron of the evil spirits swore to seduce people and bring them down to the right path.After the Day of Judgment comes, all subordinate Iblis and he will suffer in hell.According to legend, he lives on earth and is the commander of evil spirits - jinn and devils.Most of its favorite habitat - a cemetery, ruins, markets and baths.But there is a very creative - love poems, songs and dances.

Biblical history to the eastern way

first man, Adam, was seduced by it Iblis, who persuaded his wife, and of Adam to disobey God and the prohibition to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree.Because he stopped believing Bilqis - Queen of Sheba - Thamud and Aditi.Ritual when throwing stones at the Hajj is associated with Ibrahim - a prophet, distills Iblis, who pursued him.During the enmity of the Quraysh and the Prophet Muhammad Iblis gave inspiration Medinsky hypocrites and the Meccans.

reason unbelief

Some legends tell that Iblis was called al-Harith, or Azazil.He was sent by God to crush the rebellion jinn and proud victory.Stories about Iblis generated some theological problems that are associated with the concepts of predestination and omnipotence of Allah.Shaitan - it (the photo can be seen on the pages of the literature devoted to the subject of evil spirits) weapons that people be tested by Allah.One explanation for the reasons that Iblis refused to bow to Adam - a violation of the monotheism.This view was supported by some Sufis and al-Hallaj.According to Ibn Arabi, Iblis did forgiveness of Allah.The image of the Shaitan found among Jews, pagans and Christians, who have been in pre-Islamic Arabia.From there was born his name - Shaitan and Iblis.The story of Iblis is considered one of the causes of unbelief and the existence of evil in the world.

Other values ​​

Shaitan was and is an important creature in mythology and beliefs of a person, so many locations and household items named in his honor, such as a lake, located in the south of the Kirov Region of the Russian Federation;Russian combat knife, an island in the lake Itkul, the popular nickname of reactive flame thrower "Bumblebee".In the cinema, there are several paintings with the title "Shaitan" - a French thriller 2006 Indian thriller, 2011, the Indian drama of 1974 and the Turkish fiction thriller 1973