Nail Gel

shape correction, or lengthening nails - it is one of the services that became available to modern women of fashion, with the development of technologies in cosmetology.

At its core, nail - it is an artificial extension using acrylic materials:

• Gel;

• Acrylic;

• The fabric covering.

often nail held in the event that there is a need to give their special form of marigolds, apply refined manicure, or as long nails become brittle and easy to break.

to strengthen the tip of the nail often use a variety of fabric coating, such as - silk or linen.The fabric is cut into pieces, and which turns the nail.After that, straighten it on the nail a special tool, pre-treated nail polish remover, and then Master gets rid of excess tissue.After conducting such procedures to increase, the material is applied in the form of a gel or glue which after drying is polished to the level of the nail.If desired, a fashionista, a nail can be decorated with various items: jewelry, or else put an interesting pattern.

It acrylic nails are considered the "gold standard", as they are not very difficult to build, and not less easy to remove.In addition, the acrylic claws - it is quite expensive pleasure.

Also, pay attention to the quality of the material - acrylic or gel to be used for work.This is the most common materials that allow to build up a flexible, elastic, and at the same time elastic nails.However, if the material is of poor quality, then there is a serious risk of damage to the nail emergency, or as a complete delamination.

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