How to apply for a leave of absence

legislation determined that each employee is given a chance to rest from the basic work.As a result, we are working in the company, we are entitled to receive annual paid leave.But there may be circumstances where a temporary cessation of work is required for other reasons.In both cases, the administration is necessary to obtain a permit, so leaving the workplace on their own can not.That's when written application for leave.

form of the document is standard for all the circumstances, the difference is only in the fact.Some employers use such unification and relevant forms are stored in computer memory.We can only print them and fill in the blank lines.

However, not all have such resources, so sometimes you have to draw up a document by hand.Recall how to write an application for leave.The procedure is not complicated, but it requires a certain rigor.

1. Thus, the first in the top right corner of the paper write an appeal to the head of your company.Only it is entrusted with administrative functions in personnel matters.It looks like this: "a Director of the Company Ivan Ivanov."

2. In the same block is explained on whom this statement goes on vacation.Surname, first name must be specified completely, it should be noted, what position you occupy.For example: "Petrov from Pyotr Petrovich, a sales manager."

3. It is noteworthy that the vast majority of applicants further allow elementary syntax error after putting patronymic point.However, according to the rules of office should go after the word "application" with a capital letter, which is located in the center of the page below the treatment.Only then a dot.

4. Now comes the presentation of the essence of a request for vacation, and it all depends on its category.

you can ask for regular employment (paid) holidays.The application for leave in this case only confirms the fact of agreement with the schedule drawn up in advance and approved at the beginning of the calendar year.

You can ask to let you out of the lineup, but also with payment holiday.Here the need is a good argument.However, there is a category of workers that employers must provide paid leave at short notice.

Here they are:

- women before or after maternity leave and after leave to care for a child;

- workers under 18 years of age;

- citizens working on the external combination;

- workers with pregnant women;

- workers, students work in parallel;

- spouses of military personnel.

And finally, there is the last option - to apply for a leave of absence without pay.Here it is necessary to explain the circumstances as detailed as possible.This usually happens on an emergency basis and the employer must be sure that the employee has lost for a good reason.

5. Next, be sure to specify at what point is supposed to leave and what is its duration.

6. At the end of the document put your signature, it is highly desirable to decipher.That is next to the signature should put your name and initials.

7. concludes the process of writing prostanovkoy date of treatment.At this point, pay the most serious attention.There are cases where there is no date or too little time before the holiday can become a cause of failure.

That's all.It remains to endorse the paper at the head of the company.Once it is signed statement vacation nobody cancels.One can only recall the employee, and in the case of special need.