Stages of business communication

Analyzing business practices can be seen that in solving problems through interpersonal contacts, much determined by the organization of business communication, and depends on the skills of partners (interlocutors) to establish contact.Business, as a rule, is favorable, not rarely the only opportunity to convince the interlocutor of the relevance of your position so that he supported it.Therefore, one of the main tasks of a business conversation - this conviction partner to take some suggestions.

To the meeting was fruitful themes of communication and basic concepts to build a list of urgent issues, while at the meeting should proceed smoothly through all the necessary stages of business negotiations.Here are the stages of business communication:

• Preparation for business communication;

• definition of territory and time of the meeting;

• establishing contact;

• discussion of the problem, the issue and the exchange of information;

• argumentation;

• kontrargumentirovanie;

• search for a compromise or the optimal variant;

• decision-making;

• fixing arrangements;

• out of contact;

• analyzing the results of the meeting.

Not only to know what steps have business communication should be.So we analyze what steps include conducting a business conversation.Preparation - it's pretty responsible job, which includes a plan based on specific tasks conversations, search for optimal ways to solve them, the analysis suggests the possibility of forecasting the result of communication, gathering information about the interlocutor, the definition of good reasons, the choice of optimal tactics and strategies of communication.Orientation in time and place is carried out in different ways, depending on the settings - position interlocutors: "top", "bottom", "on equal terms".Coming into contact, meeting the interlocutors is the beginning of the conversation.The first uttered the phrase often has an impact on the desire or unwillingness to continue the conversation, to listen to the communication partner.At this stage, use four basic methods: stress relief, clues, to stimulate the imagination, the direct approach.Discussion of the problem by transmitting information depends on the nature of the target.

1. goal - a problem,

2. goal - the job, the task,

3. goal - to manipulate,

4. goal - shifting responsibility.

The argument is intertwined with the transmission of information to form a preliminary opinion.Neutralization or kontrargumentirovanie remarks interlocutor.It may be useful to the following tips: Hear the opponent, do not rush to answer, ask clarifying questions to understand the essence of the objections, to delve into the essence of the objections, maybe it is due to incomplete disclosure of information, use open-ended questions.Do not show its uncertainty at decision.Stay calm, and the ability, based on strong arguments.Summarize the results of the meeting, decide the exact timing of the planned action and a post-relationship.Thank interlocutor.Get out of the first non-verbal contact, and then farewell speech.Introspection allows you to analyze the mistakes made in the negotiation process and to gain experience.

In this case the abovementioned stages of business communication is not the only way of dividing this process.Use also the division, which includes the following stages of business negotiations: focus on a specific partner, a reflection of the particular partner, mutual information and mutual trip.In the process of business communication circuit, comprising the steps of a business conversation can be either short, folded, and more, complete.It is a conscious determination of the necessary steps, as well as their regulation ensure efficient communication.

receiving such information can and should work through all the stages of business communication alone, without an opponent.Introduce yourself, explain the essence of the issue, the waste argument.All this will help gain practical experience in facing a serious challenge - business negotiations.