How to carry out treatment of aluminum foil?

Easy, simple paramagnetic metal aluminum has a number of positive properties.It is widely used in various fields: metallurgy, aviation, cooking and electrical engineering.Metal manufactured home furnishings and food foil, which has for many years used for therapeutic purposes.The first of the useful properties of the metal "paper" talking Chinese Aesculapius.

According to them, it can help to get rid of many pathologies in a short period.Although the role of this metal traditional medicine is not fully understood, and the statements of experts vary greatly, but it does not prevent people to resort to using bioenergy.Science confirms that the treatment the foil improves the regeneration and reduction processes in the body.Only this therapy should be carried out in the complex.

Impact on human

method was highly publicized in the Western countries, especially in hospitals, the practice of accumulating Eastern Aesculapius.Foil is a powerful tool in the fight against pathogens, it is credited with really miraculous quality.With an innovative approach can be healed without medical preparations and strengthen the immune system.

There is a fairly detailed explanation of the positive effects of aluminum foil.In our body, there are certain points through which energy escapes from the body.When stress, illness, or any unpleasant situations, the energy loss process is accelerated, the person feels apathy, weakness, fatigue, and a feeling of emptiness, as it has a negative impact on immunity.

Metallized film helps to restore energy field, returning the source of vitality back.The phenomenal discovery confirmed the modern pharmacy and medicine.Treatment foil is easy to implement on their own.For this fit food metallic "paper", designed for baking.Similarly, action has foil, which wrapped chocolate products.


Aluminum resolving application manifest, wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect.Traditional healers recommends treatment with foil joints and lower back.Film relieves pain, relaxes muscles and removes muscle inflammation.

Some of the information reported that the foil is an indispensable tool for coughs, toothaches, colds and respiratory diseases.For best results you need to do to fix the foil wrap and cloth or tape.When her heel spurs left on all night.

Who else can use foil?

"Silver" compresses help to overcome varicose, acne, smooth fine lines, and contribute to the regeneration of the skin after surgery.They are used for gynecological, urological, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular disorders.

recommends wrapping people prone to depression, as well as those who are experiencing stress, loss of strength and unfounded fear.You can take a large sheet of foil and wrap their entire body, the session shall be held not less than half an hour.After completion of the procedure significantly improves mood, will be pain and discomfort.

Home treatment with aluminum foil

Many people suffer from pain in the lumbar region, but few people go to the doctor, letting the issue slide.To remove the unpleasant symptoms people Aesculapius advised to use baking foil.From sciatica will include: need to be made of paper towels and aluminum layer similarity belts, put on the lower back and soak 40 minutes.

procedure should be followed three times a day.Treatment foil eliminates painful attacks and relieves muscle tension.Homemade belt can be applied on joints, feet, abdomen and head.Treatment sessions will help you quickly get on their feet in the cold.

"Silver Bridge" pain in the joints

simple and effective method, lauded by many patients.Take a medical plaster, cut a small strip that it covers the affected area.On the patch sticking metallic "paper" and attach to the body.Leave overnight.Treatment foil takes several days.This period is sufficient to improve your condition.Safe, inexpensive and effective method recommended by experts.

Treatment foil: reviews of people

huge number of people enthusiastically talking about this method, considering it almost a panacea for all diseases.According to the ordinary people, with the help of the food manages to smooth the foil even keloid scars, which are formed as a result of incorrect proliferation of connective tissue.Folk remedy saves from severe toothache, headache, low back pain and heart.

Treatment of aluminum foil testimonials from satisfied customers received only positive.After the procedure, there is a burst of energy, escapes depression and poor health.However, no adverse events were observed.The tool is completely safe and has no contraindications, which is a huge advantage.

most important thing - to believe in its effectiveness and wait for a good therapeutic outcome, then all the problems will be solved by themselves.Remember that no one folk remedy can not replace medicine, it serves only as additional therapy.