From Artykova Shinkin .Corruption in Uzbekistan , uncontrolled judicial bodies , human rights violations.

Chairman of the Committee on Legislation and Judicial and Legal Affairs of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan With .B.Artikov

a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Shinkin Vladimir Ivanovich 1957 p.,

lives.Tashkent Mirabad district

residential area house №7 kv.58 Hospital.


H and I in A n e

Dear Svetlana Baymirzaevna.In connection with the application as directed by the prosecutor's Mirabad district of Tashkent against me and my family, through the Deputy Chief CO Mirabad police department Egamberdieva MI(subsequently detained by the National Security 17.09.2011g. red-handed while taking a bribe) and criminal judges Mirabad district Ermatov B. unconstitutional prosecution with illegal retaliation contrary to human rights, I am obliged to write to you.Our previous appeals to state bodies in accordance with the law, caused a backlash that strengthened the repressive effect against us, organized by the Prosecutor's Office of Mirabad District, issued the existence of their interests in the array PHOCs Hospital.

reason repressive influence is exerted my opposition to the corrupt group chairman of Mahalla "Avloniy" on the array Hospital Hasanova Gulbahor Mukimovny, organized with the participation of the then executive director HOA Mirsagatova Ibrahim Ahrarovicha major theft in the HOA im.A.Avlony.Hiding the traces of these crimes, it is cost-effective Hasanov shattered into small condominiums PHOCs, continuing through them to realize the interests of their corrupt groups, which have served to counter the following circumstances:

Theft HOA im.A.Avlony of more than 7 million sum the chief accountant of the HOA Saidalievawith the connivance of executive director HOA Juraev PB, Chairman of the Board HOA Karimov MSand the Secretary of the Board HOA Salimova RNTo prevent theft and abuse, at the initiative of the inhabitants of the array Hospital, I was elected Vice-Chairman of the Board HOA., A part of which is expressed at a meeting of the Board HOA protest demand the statement of the Secretary of the Board HOA Salimova RNfrom 04.01.2005g.repay the expense of honest taxpayers HOA its long-term debts for maintenance services.

Regardless of my aspirations in the Board HOA, ignoring the law "On the HOA-1999.", And later the Law "On PHOCs-2006." Hasanov Protected Municipality of Mirabad district organized another major theft of more than 30million sum, illegal transfer printing method with the right HOA HOA chairman to sign the financial and banking documents to the Director of HOA Mirsagatova IAHasanova drawn up on behalf of the mahalla Advice Avloniy forged protocol №1 from 07.01.2005g., which she at the same time has provided subsequent destruction of traces of crimes by breaking up into small profitable HOA-HOA PHOCs ..

In connection with the implementation of the law at odds Hasanova About PHOCs to postsmonoecious PHOCs leaders loyal to her people, I tried to give her the implanted unscrupulous managers PHOCs "Mazhnuntol Kommunal service" Khankishiyeva R. Ruziev AKKonovalov and OMopposition to their abuses and embezzlement.To all, being an eyewitness to install tenants of the house №37 AA Rakhimovthe home of the barrier device in the driveway of house №37, I confirmed this fact, thereby inadvertently entered into another confrontation with Hasanova, signed and certified by the official stamp of Mahalla fake act of 18.11.2008.for the manufacture of the device R. Salimova on account of repayment of operating costs for an apartment the manufacturer of these devices of some Arkhangelsk VN, which is in the manufacture of this device I have not seen.When invoked in CO Mirabad police department for questioning Egamberdieva me as a witness in a criminal case №27 / 09-150, I described in detail and explained in writing about the illegal actions Hasanova and her henchmen.Later, Egamberdiev cautioned me to stop to stick to their initial statement, otherwise I and my family have any serious problems.

Due to the fact that I have not listened to the warnings Egamberdieva, I was expelled from the number of witnesses in the criminal case №27 / 09-150 and was not invited to a hearing at the Criminal Court of Mirabad district.However, I attended the trial, expressing his astonishment false testimony Hasanov and Salimova.Also, I was amazed discovered during the trial of the new circumstances of the reasons for the dismissal of O. KonovalovaGUIN of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the results of an official investigation by the accused Rakhimov AA .. conclusion of which she was not allowed to hold positions of responsibility in the material system GUIN MOI. what, for some unknown reason to me the court did not react properly and not sent a requestGUIN in confirm or refute the catechumens in the courtroom of this fact.

To avoid cottages me of my testimony, which likely would affect the verdict or the related impacts in favor of arriving at the truth, warning Egamberdieva steel carried out in the following sequence:

Sunday, 03.04.2011g.around 6:00 am, under the guise of passport checks, in an apartment of my daughter-in-Galiaskarova Zadorenko SIat Tashkent Mirabad district ul.Fargona Yuli 2-lane house 119/33 kv.3 burst in the presence of district inspector OPS Mirabad district police captain Korakulova Bakhtiyor AK Party did not submit the Mirabad police department employees, maintain the confidentiality of their positions and names.This apartment temporarily accommodated my daughter-familiar.Police officers without authorization entered into a private home and ransacked the apartment.Seized the private library of the late father of the bride, composed of artistic and religious books of official publications and taken without the inclusion in the report three rare old editions of the Bible, as her father was in the business of theology and attended the legitimate Church of Christ in Tashkent.The minutes of the seizure other than Korakulova has witnessed the signature of the Mirabad district police Detective OURiBOP police captain Normuhamedova M., in connection with which for its secrecy, the contents of this protocol, we were able to see just over a month after receiving the decision of Mirabad District Criminal Court on 04.04.2011.

On the same day, about 17 hours of my daughter-Galiaskarova-Zadorenko detained and taken to the Mirabad district police department, where, under the pretext of finding the origin of her books, she was interrogated about my son Vladimir Shinkin figuring out whether he smokes marijuana,It uses any drugs, born of his occupation?That is, in fact, they were trying to collect compromising information, my son.

Then, on the same day, 22 hours, under the pretext of inspection of personal belongings only temporarily living with my son Vladimir Shinkinmy daughter-in-Galiaskarova Zadorenko house at Tashkent Hamza ul.1-fare Marv Building 1, where my son lived Shinkin VV, arrived without the sanction of the invasion of a private residence for the search group of workers Mirabad police department and policeTashkent in the amount of 6-7 people.Observing secrecy, employees of the police department and the police refused to call their names and positions, referring to stand aside funky happening district inspector OPS Hamza district police captain Hiyazhanova I.E .. Promising only to inspect personal belongings of my daughters in law, I entered into the house of the workers actually made a full search of the houseup to lingerie.The eldest of them was Timur 30-35 years old, thin, taller than average.Most of all screamed and threatened Aziz 35 years old, thin, red-faced.During a call on the mobile phone, Aziz presented the department 5 police officer.The bookcase is a children's Bible with color illustrations, the story of Jesus Christ, children's fairy tales, religious booklets official publications, albums, drawing for children, children's story book about psychological depression, art books, etc., gets in free retail trade in booksstores and existing Christian church.After Timur said: "That's enough!", They made props, have thrown in a heap art books, and on top put children's Bible story of Jesus Christ and perfectly clean DVD discs, which began to take pictures, and then it all seized Protocol.During the search, police officers were rude and threatened with criminal charges, humiliate my dignity and my family.About their actions one of the police officers present were gone aside, reported in detail on a mobile phone to his head: "The house is not anything like that."On my local policeman Hiyazhanovu appeal with the question: "Why take children's literature?" He said to me: "I have no idea why it is they want?" Here, at the request of Timur, my son Vladimir ShinkinHe gave a written explanation of the origin of the book, which is owned by his fiancee and her daughter. the Mirabad police department as a result of threats of arrest and false promises of immediate release, Vladimir ShinkinGaliaskarova-Zadorenko and forced to sign the protocols of administrative offense without indication of the type of articles and the offense.Here, under the pressure of workers Mirabad district police, district inspector OPS Hamza district police Hiyazhanov IEI was forced to write under the dictation of hindsight the name of the acting head of the police department Lieutenant Colonel Hamza Abdullayev DNthat on the basis of information received at the place of residence of my son Vladimir Shinkinkept forbidden religious literature, which is withdrawn.After writing this false report having no registration Hamza district police department and the Office of the Acting Head Abdullayev resolution DNor his deputy, sincerely having survived Hiyazhanov complained Mirabad police department in the hallway to my son Vladimir Shinkinforced him to falsify documents employees Mirabad police department and asked him to give him a sedative tablet or a cigarette.A similar report in hindsight, not having a registration office and the resolution of Mirabad district police chief, police inspector wrote OPS Mirabad police department Korakulov BK

Galiaskarova-Zadorenko based in Mirabad district police fabricated documents contained in this police department with 17 hours 03.04.2011g.up to 20 hours of 04.04.2011., and then taken to the Criminal Court of Mirabad district.To my dismay, without delving into the essence of what happened, the referee Irmatov B. admitted knowingly innocent Shinkin Vyacheslav Vladimirovich and Snezhana Galiaskarova Igorevna (Zadorenko) the perpetrators of them following their alleged offenses:

-by st.184-3 KoAO Uzbekistan., ThenIt is in the manufacture, storage or distribution of materials propagating national, racial, ethnic or religious hatred.

st.201 Part 2 -by KoAO Uzbekistan., That is a violation of the rules of religious meetings, street processions and other ceremonies of worship.-by st.202 KoAO Uzbekistan., that is to provide participants of unsanctioned gatherings, meetings, street processions and demonstrations of premises or other assets (communications, copying and other machinery, equipment, transport) or the creation of other conditions for such events (in the dispositionamended by the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 28.12.2005 № ZRU-18).

-by st.240 Part 1 KoAO Uzbekistan., Ie the implementation of illegal religious activity, evasion of heads of religious organizations from the registration of the charter, the organization and conduct of the clergy and members of religious organizations, special children's and youth meetings, as well as labor, literary andother circles and groups not related to the worship.

-by st.241 KoAO Uzbekistan, that is, teaching religion without specialized religious education and without the permission of the central governing body of the religious organization, and equally teaching religious beliefs privately.

thus created with the knowledge of the prosecutor's office of Mirabad district of Tashkent specially thought out combination for the organization to attract law-abiding citizens to justice without any evidence of falsified materials in order to force me to give up further expose the corrupt factions Hasanova and her patrons imposed on Galiaskarovaa court fine of 497,350 sums, and Shinkin imposed a fine of 4,973,500 som.Moreover, Vladimir Shinkin, being an atheist, do not read in their life no religious books and did not participate in any religious ceremony, decided at the end of their fate to think only about the family welfare Galiaskarova never thought of religious and nationalist extremism and related activities, and do not belong to any religious-nationalist organization, did not teach beliefs and never heard about religious rallies and relatedthese phenomena.Neighbors in the community and Shinkin Galiaskarova confirm that unauthorized persons do not attend them, no meetings were held, about any rallies speech was not conducted.According to the acting ministers of the Orthodox Church in Tashkent, representatives of the law, culture, the media, available among the seized items banned religious literature is not.

the judge's ruling Ermatov B. Mirabad District Criminal Court of Tashkent on 04.04.2011.agreed: confiscated books, magazines, computer disks destroy .That is, he destroy the Bible, are the primary sources of value and one of the largest religions of the world .

Similarly prosecuted subjected Kim Elena Romanova Natalia L. et al., Whose testimony could also change the verdict in a criminal case №27 / 09-150.But in order to avoid the cottage of his testimony, the prosecutor's office of Mirabad district also brought against them falsified accusations contrived nature in defense of the corrupt group chairman of Mahalla Hasanova.

Based on the above, I ask you with the members of your committee to make a thorough check and set the occasion for development under the roof of the district prosecutor's Mirabad action for the unauthorized intrusion into private homes Shinkin VVand Galiaskarova SIwith carrying out a search for the purpose of falsifying materials for bringing them to justice, and to make a thorough check and establish the cause of premature failure on the basis of pre-investigation without my participation Yakkasaray district prosecutor's office to open a criminal case against the detained deputy chief of JI Mirabad police department Egamberdieva M.I.of already existing in the production of the Prosecutor General of Uzbekistan wound criminal case, to detect the real cause of the organization persecution of my family members from the Prosecutor's Office of Mirabad district.


1) .Postanovlenie Mirabad District Criminal Court of Tashkent on 04.04.2011.2) .Postanovlenie Tashkent city criminal court from 29.04.2011g.3) .Otvet Prosecutor of Tashkent from 20.06.2011g.4) .Bildirgi-Korakulova B. Report to the head of Mirabad district police Murodullaeva A. 5) .Bildirgi report Hiyazhanova-IEthe name of the acting head of the police department Hamza Abdullayev DN6) .Pismo Committee on Religious Affairs under the Cabinet of the Republic of Uzbekistan iskh.№879 04.04.2011g.7) .Pismo General Prosecutor iskh.№21 / 559-11 from 04.10.201g.8) .Pismo prosecutors Yakkasaray district iskh.№15 / 382sh-11 from 28.11.2011g.9) .Kollektivnoe statement vh.№2144 from Tashkent city prosecutor and police department from Enileevoy Yakkasaroy, Konovalova, Hasanova, Kadyrova, Salimova.

Sincerely Shinkin VI 18.04.2012g.