Legend of the frame 25

In the US epidemic of mass insanity codenamed "25th frame" began in 1957 when James Vicary claimed unemployed a new miraculous discovery in psychology.It turns out that a man can be controlled by subliminal influences!That is, such effects that a person is not aware of the mind, because of the weakness or intermittent signal, but cunning subconscious these signals are captured and then give unexpected fruit.

example ... The velocity of the film at 24 frames per second.Consequently, the duration of one frame - one twenty-fourth of a second.This is too little time, so that man could consciously see single frame.

Otherwise, instead of continuous motion in a movie he'd seen only glimpses of individual frames, each separated by a black strip of frame.

And if now claimed Vicari, inserted into the reel every 24 one extra frame, 25th frame with the words "Drink Coke!", For example, the person after the session is sure to rush to drink Coke.

because although his mind and did not notice because of the speed of flickering frames, but the subconscious all the track and powerfully direct the person to a vending machine for soda.

tabloid press immediately picked up this "discovery" and beginning his alter this angle, "a man with the help of secret signals can be programmed to murder."

A serious company after sensation inflated newspapers began to shower inventor money.While the discovery was at the hearing, Vicari for his lectures and consultations ogresti managed more than 20 million dollars.

is already difficult to say whether a fraud or a simple Vicari honest crazy, but the fact remains that in an instant he was on a horse - a great interest in how children, the Americans only, and said that on the 25th frame.

Vicari managed to come up for a nice comparison of newsmen - while the time was a vogue new radio band - FM, here Vicari and called his unconscious (subliminal) the impact of the "new range of human perception, such as FM-range in broadcasting."

What Mr. Vicari confirmed his discovery?Well, for example, the following experiment.Vicary told the public that in the town of Fort Lee, he spent a month and a half to 46 thousand visitors a cinema experience on the effects of the subliminal.Viewers showed a very popular then the film "Picnic" with two subliminal advertising inserts.One insert encourages the viewer to drink Coca-Cola, the other - have popcorn.According to Vicary, this has led to increased consumption of coke by 18.1% and popcorn - by 57.5%.Tenths of a percentage convince ...

Vicari also stated that he had filed an application for the invention of a special projection equipment, and happy will be those manufacturers who take advantage of it.(Later in the patent offices of America his application has not been found.) America was agitated.

If you can force people against their will buy what they do not want to buy, it is just as well because you can get them to vote for the election of the candidate objectionable!This was like something scary ...

not only America experienced subliminal discomfort.Canada, Australia, England legislatively banned subliminal impact on citizens.The US Federal Communications Commission has threatened to electronic media, that use of the 25th frame they will be taken away the license!A Nevada state judge ruled that the First Amendment to the US Constitution, which protects freedom of expression does not extend to "the subliminal word."That is simply outlawed in the state all the subliminal effects on accidents inhabitants.In the US Congress at that time seriously debated law prohibiting subliminal advertising.

later just as it always happens, Prochukhan scientists.And they began to try to reproduce the experiments Vicari.They did not succeed.Reproducibility was not!Canadian Broadcasting Corporation carried out the experiment.In the most prime-time Sunday night during the popular program "Close-up" at a very fast speed of 352 times was transferred ultra short message "call me now."

However, the number of calls in the program did not increase compared to the conventional.After the program, the audience was asked to guess what it was a subliminal message.Revision received more than 500 letters - did not guess no one, but had heard about Coke and popcorn Canadian citizens regularly wrote that during the program they felt external influence on the subconscious, making them all the time wanted to eat or drink.

Meanwhile, a student of psychology department of the New York Stuart Rogers decided to do a semester a report on the opening of Vicari.He went to the town of Fort Lee, where Vicary conducted the experiment with the audience.He found in this tiny town theater, which at all desire could not miss and a half months more than forty thousand spectators.And the manager of the theater knew nothing about allegedly held in his establishment psychological experiment.

Federal Communications Commission demanded a public demonstration of Vicari.It took place in Washington.At the demonstration as guinea attended by journalists, congressmen, government officials said.The experience has completely failed.

Then Vicary stepped back and explained this failure by the fact that subliminal exposure does not always work, but only when the same as the actual human need.For example, if a person wants to drink, it can induce a drink or one drink or the other.But if a person is a Democrat, can not make it to vote for Republicans.And even more so by subliminal suggestion can not force a person to kill someone.(This can not be done even under deep hypnosis that showed the famous experiments Raikov, much later held in Russia.)

Since the beginning of the star go under adventurer.He started to beat on all fronts.Hardly Vicari told reporters that his method of "soft advertising, directing the actual needs of the people will be able to get wide distribution on television," as made by American TV reporters and denied the statement.They explained to the public than the TV screen is different from the cloth that hangs in the theater.In the television picture tube forms the electron beam, which runs around the inside of the mask ekteanya scanning all 650 TV Lines After that excited layer of the inner side of the screen for some time by inertia off.Therefore, it is technically impossible to plunge into the screen is too short subliminal message ...

Finally, after a series of well-designed experiments, the American Psychological Association officially denied "discovery" Mr. Vicari.Act on a subconscious impact in the United States did not take the time to ...

A few years later he Vicari in an interview with Ā«Advertising AgeĀ» confessed to cheating.

on the book by Alexander Nikonov "management plan. The art of cutting the masses"

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