Indian wisdom

India - a country with a multi-faceted, unpredictable and sometimes insane culture.The country that gave the world the Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, and a whole galaxy of philosophers.Therefore, even her madness for some calm and sensible.Every second is a wise man, grasp the meaning of life.So Indians cherish love, friendship, and whether there while they have food or not.

- Great minds discuss ideas.Medium - to discuss events.Small - people.

- Be attentive to the guest - let him your enemy.Even lumberjack with an ax the tree does not deny the shadows.

- It was not, and never will be a man worthy of only one conviction or mere praise.

- Give advice only fool to anger him.

- A person who lives for others, even a very short life full of happiness.

- Inconsolable comforted past, feeble-minded - the future, intelligent - the present.

- Happiness itself finds its way to a strong spirit.

- Child - a guest in your home.Feed, learn and let go.

- Do not boast, gathered to go and boast on the way back.

- Women - scientists on the nature of men - from books.

- Win yourself - this is the best means in order not to be defeated.

- the world is full of joy for the one who looks at all without the hostility and prejudice.

- If you can not avoid the danger that sense of cowardice, which still does not protect you?

- If you are wise, do not disagree with the rich man, the governor, the child, the elderly, ascetic, wise man, a woman, a fool and a teacher.

- To manage them, use your head.To handle others, use your heart.

- woman shines - the whole house shines gloomy woman - the whole house is immersed in darkness.

- You can catch a tiger in a thicket, a bird in the sky, the fish in the depths of the waters, but you can not catch the fickle heart of a woman.

- When you have to give advice to others, each - a storehouse of wisdom.When it is necessary to follow these tips, you are not intelligent and wise fool.

- no traces of the birds in the air and the fish in the water - and this is the way of the virtuous.

- Decoration person - wisdom wisdom decoration - calm, calm decoration - courage, bravery decoration - softness.

- reasonable estimates of their own judgment, fool trusts rumor.

- Grievances write on the sand, deeds carved on marble.

- The most difficult thing is to climb to the top of the stairs - is to get through the crowd at its base.

- We can not change the length of his life, but we can do something with regard to its breadth and depth.

- fool fusses vengeance, having started a trifle;smart is staying calm, taking up the great work.

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