Standards of service in a restaurant

If you decide to open a restaurant, remember that an important component of the success of your company are standards of service in it.Standards of service in the restaurant category is unique - each restaurant has its own standard, focusing on the customers' expectations.So we have to carefully work on the elaboration of a common standard for all employees of your restaurant.Creating standards and a clear understanding of what methods of service in the restaurant will give him recognition among the visitors, partners and employees.

Of course, if you are interested in long-term work with each client, if you want your visitors and customers coming back again and again, bringing you income, you will not regret the time spent and money to clear standards - what methods and forms of servicein the restaurant are necessary and mandatory for every member of your staff.

It would seem that it is easier: to meet, offer menus, filing order provozhaniya.However, not all so simple, you need to create a client holistic positive feeling is not only on the quality of food and drinks, but the atmosphere around.

standards of service in the restaurant - guide for staff, how to behave with the client in a variety of situations.

Remember that substandard or alienation entail a loss.For example, if you open a Chinese restaurant, then it is necessary to create the atmosphere of the East: clothes, bows, interior - everything should work to create a positive image.If you open a restaurant high premium, it must become an important highlight of the invisibility of the staff, perfect service and balanced phrases.Hence, it appears that a single standard can not exist as such.

standards of service in the restaurant - this is the set of rules and a framework of behavior in which the employee is obliged to act.That it reflects the policy of the institution.It clearly spells out the phrase that you want to say, make-up, movements, facial expressions, as well as the time spent on each activity.This also made the criteria for recruitment, what personal qualities they must have, ways of learning and control and more.

create the right atmosphere based on standards developed by the service, you create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that is sure to be appreciated.And based on it, will cause a permanent clientele.

course, an important factor in creating the right atmosphere is a healthy relationship in the team.Serious and respectful service personnel can be seen with the naked eye, and thus humiliated and downtrodden workers no smiles not hide the true state of affairs.All this can nullify your service standards.

important also an individual approach to each guest.For example, staff need a glance to determine how to meet the guests, in what mood he came and what his soul desires.Great importance has the first phrase, uttered at a meeting visitor if he is depressed, it is not advisable to meet him with an enthusiastic voice, "We are pleased to welcome you in our restaurant", for this may be followed by an unexpected reaction.On this there is a standard of service, which must be prescribed by a variety of situations and behaviors in each case, to effectively be used without delay.

I think, I said enough to prove to you that the standards of service in the restaurant worked out with a personal touch - the success and guarantee a constant inflow of customers who not only are they will come back, but also bring their partners, friends and acquaintances.