Management principles in the management of, their classification and approaches

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consider in detail the principles of management in the management.As already mentioned, they are of two kinds of public and private.

management principles in the management of the general type implies a universal character and spreading their impact on virtually all sectors of the economy and the scope of control in it.These general principles are the following categories: balanced development, focus, promote, discipline, competence, hierarchy.

With regard to particular principles, they tend to have a local character and are engaged in the regulation of certain administrative processes in any particular industry or a particular company.These principles produces every company or industry alone, according to necessity or tradition, culture or requirements.

As with any activity, management also subject to submission of laws that define different limits and restrictions.Management principles in management also must obey the laws and limitations that they impose.

principles themselves are not rare and define certain criteria and requirements for the management of the organization, they can describe what should be the head of the company, and help to create some basis for effective management.

This individual manager is not obliged to directly and precisely follow the principles of management, ideally he should be the head of their form, their own positions based on fundamental principles formulated such well-known scientists in the field.But leaders often take as a basis, some principles and just customize them to fit your needs based on the need and the situation, in addition to general principles which are common to all with slight modifications.

example of one of the general principles can be considered as the principle of competence.And it works for all leaders as ignorant (incompetent) the head will not be able to effectively manage the enterprise.Private

principles should not inherently contrary to the common.As mentioned above, private principles, each organization as an object of management control is considered separately.And it is these principles of governance in the management allows the entire show resourcefulness and ingenuity head.As a result, when analyzing the particular principles, you can judge the characteristics of management at the enterprise, or the head of the entire industry.

classification management techniques in management rarely gives no ground for the development of particular principles.

consider such basic management principles in the management as a systematic and purposeful, discipline and encouragement, all of these principles may vary from country to country (nation).For example, in Japan approaches to disciplinary principle is fundamentally different from the views of this principle among other countries.The main difference between this principle is not that simply can not be a slave, do not obey the head, no significant difference is that in the Japanese version of leader and subordinate work, using the methods of voluntary implementation, rather than the imposition of both the American model of management.These different approaches indicate that in spite of the fact that the general principles are the same for all, they can be executed quite differently, taking into account the mentality of the people and cultural historical traditions prevailing in society.If Japan's professed principles of Eastern ideology, the US puts above all the independence of man as a person, often causing flash of defiance among management.And the US is not considered to be a poor indicator of the enterprise or organization.