Nostradamus predicted the German problem Jackson

One of the most famous predictors in present-day Germany is considered Lennart Wolff.This handsome man extensive clientele of celebrities and wealthy individuals.However, the glory of his most scandalous, especially because of the attacks on colleagues.He is a frequent guest on German television and declares all its sensational forecasts directly on live television.

In his own words, first foresight he showed in 8 years of age, predicted the death of great-grandmother.After 5 years, he asserts himself as the Wolf, I have learned to manage this capacity.

Wolf feels a special magician, able to know the true state of the processes and events in the subtle world.But all the others known to date, mages (to which it relates and the famous Uri Geller), in his opinion, do not possess the gift of prophecy, and make a semblance of his initiation into the medium.They have, says Wolf, is only able to observe only a few moments in the life of the subtle world - a sort of instant photos astral ether.That is, the vast majority of well-known psychics, according to Wolff's work on the stage of "wizards" a la David Copperfield, where practically all the predictions are built on a hoax, special effects, and even ordinary deception.

About a year before the September 11, August 6, 2000, the magician had a vision: "International Centre on the other side of the Atlantic will be the target of a huge disaster that will have great importance for the whole of the Western world.The sky darkened, and the apocalyptic mood plunged into a stupor all mankind.Nothing will be as it was before. "

January 2, 2005 Wolff made a sensational shocking statement: "This summer pop idol global begin serious problems.Detractors will try to blame him for what he is innocent. "Wolf said bluntly: "He will be accused of corrupting minors and people will split into two camps.Each of us should be careful, should not rush to judgment, because he is innocent and would be released in the courtroom. "June 13, 2005 was declared the acquittal of Michael Jackson.

April 21, 2005 Wolf for the first time publicly announced appearance on the political horizon of Germany in the same year, the Federal Chancellor female.September 18, 2005 the first woman in the history of German Chancellor Angela Merkel was elected.

In August 2006, Lennart Wolff at one of its meetings, met with a certain man, who once said to be threatened - it attacked a dog.Later in the conversation, it turned out that the man was a Doberman.However, the owner of a dog psychic vowed in his good-natured dog, and standing beside his wife, laughing, even promised that Herr Wolff certainly call if something happens.

couple until the end and did not believe the prediction.October 9, 2006 in the office of Wolf sounded an alarming phone call.Worried female voice said that during class at the site for the dogs pounced on her husband's Rottweiler, which is heavily bitten his leg and arm.

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