Diagnosing in the fallopian tubes.

The main purpose of the woman - procreation, but not all are endowed with this gift.A huge number of women struggling with a terrible diagnosis, and a considerable percentage of wins ailment.Violation of the pipes and the presence of adhesions in the pelvic area reveal every second issue addressed with the inability to get pregnant.Therefore, one of the key tests for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility is the study on tubal patency.How to do this manipulation, we know not every woman, so when the doctor gives direction to the test, from ignorance mnogiche much afraid of the upcoming procedures.In fact, there is nothing wrong here.

At the moment, doctors have in their arsenal are several methods of testing for tubal patency.How do these procedures, what the advantages and disadvantages of each method?These questions are always interested patients.

Method One - hysterosalpingoscopy

hysterosalpingoscopy - one of the most informative examination of options in gynecology.Diagnosis has high accuracy of the result, which gives the opportunity to immediately confirm or refute infertility and several other problems.The essence of the procedure is that the woman's uterus introduced a special solution that fills the pipe.If everything is normal, the fluid immediately appears in the abdominal cavity.Determine the location of the liquid using ultrasound or X-rays.This is the most accurate test for patency of the fallopian tubes, the cost depends on the method of radiographic fluid administration.The procedure is most often performed without anesthesia, and is accompanied by unpleasant sensations, and within a few hours after the possible minor bleeding.Before the test is necessary to check for latent infection and use contraceptives, even if pregnancy does not occur for a long time.

Method Two -

laparoscopy Laparoscopy has a higher accuracy of the result in the fallopian tubes.How to do this procedure?It is carried out after a complete examination under general anesthesia.In doing 2-3 abdominal incision 1 cm and is introduced into the peritoneal cavity of special optical tubes for interior viewing bodies.In carrying out this procedure, you can identify and eliminate other diseases, such as endometriosis and fibroids.Laparoscopy - this is though effective, but is technically complex and expensive method.

third method - pertubatsiya

Pertubatsiya - one way to test for tubal patency.How to do this test, it is clear from the second name - "blowing".It is as follows: in the uterine cavity air is introduced into a special device.If the pipes have good permeability, the air immediately falls into the peritoneum.This procedure, as well as others performed surveyed for latent infection patient.Contraindications are acute chronic diseases of the reproductive system, bleeding, tumors in the uterus and appendages, erosion.

When a diagnosis of "infertility" in a comprehensive examination necessarily checked tubal patency.Ultrasound, x-ray, laparoscopy, hysterosalpingoscopy - all these kinds of diagnostics aimed at the restoration of the main happiness in life - the opportunity to have children.