Functional duties of nurse treatment room, its rights and responsibilities

Normally, when you make an employment contract shall be employed in the average hospital medical staff are invited to explore the functional responsibilities of nurses.This is necessary in order to avoid possible conflicts between the administration of a medical institution and a new employee.After the employment contract, as a rule, not all the features provided by the work are clear and completely.The job responsibilities of nurses same instructions painted and maximum specified.

For example, in the practice of hospitals frequent disputes on the division of procedural functions of nurses and nursing assistants.If, for example, the responsibilities of a nursing assistant includes cleaning treatment room, it has a procedural nurse should be exempted from this labor function, and therefore the item for cleaning the work area in her contract of employment is excluded.

Thus, according to the job description responsibilities nurses working in the treatment room of a hospital include:

  • implementation of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures for medical appointments;

  • provision of first aid;

  • software operation procedure room and the availability of necessary materials, it is a regular check for tools, dressings, medicines, canned blood and blood;

  • following the rules of infection control (compliance with standards for disinfection and sterilization, aseptic and antiseptic);

  • blood sample from a vein in the biochemical and sending it to the laboratory;

  • ensuring strict accounting and storage of medicines groups A and B;

  • timely filling of medical records for the special registration forms;

  • adherence to rules and regulations of medical ethics (storage of medical confidentiality, respect for subordinate relationships, straightforward and patient explanation of the patients doctor's appointments);

  • following the rules of internal labor regulations;

  • periodic training;

  • preparation office to receive patients;

  • disinfection of surfaces for office procedures;

  • holding kvartsevaniya and ventilation of the cabinet approved hospital administration schedule.

It is worth considering that the structure of the job description must include in addition to the section "Functional responsibilities nurses" also her right.This category includes:

- informed the submission of claims to the administration on the issue of creating a work environment that enable high-quality and timely fulfill responsibilities nurses;

- exercise control over the work of nurses;

- proposing management department for improving the functioning of health facilities (within the competence of nurses);

- taking part in conferences and meetings of the nursing staff;

- appeal against the actions of the management department of the head physician hospital.

addition to the rights and responsibilities the job description Nurse also provides a certain responsibility of nurses, which he carries in the workplace, for:

- safety in carrying out medical procedures, compliance with antiseptic, aseptic;

- the safety of medicines and equipment cabinet;

- timeliness and correctness of the documentation of the treatment room.

Thus, knowledge of the structure and the main points of their duties newly-nurse treatment room will allow, on the one hand, to prevent violations of their rights, and on the other - to determine the area of ​​responsibility in the workplace.