Certification of the personnel in the conditions of innovative development of enterprise

In today's extremely urgent becomes the problem of the creation of innovative micro-economic system as a new and effective management structure.And the innovative development of the micro-economic system, in turn, depends entirely on the efficiency of the staff, each entity of innovation activity, individually and in association with each other.

Therefore, the certification of personnel is a comprehensive assessment of not only narrow professional knowledge and skills of employees, but also to determine their readiness for the innovation economy.The key to understanding the role of certification in these circumstances is that the staff in such an economy becomes a direct part of the capital, form their own human capital, which generates other forms of capital: economic and financial capital, industrial-technological, scientific, technical, organizational, managerial, marketing, Information Technology.In short, the certification of personnel shall, in addition to assessing the current contribution of the worker to the work of the enterprise or institution, and to assess its prospects of capital, to analyze the impact of his main forms of innovative development.

The main parameters of quality research personnel, which should be directed to attestation, we should mention its components: the initial (baseline), labor, intellectual, social, mobile capital, cultural, moral, organizational and entrepreneurial capacities, as well asimportant health capital.

for certification should take into account the principles and conditions under which these forms of human capital are capitalized, that is, become a direct factor in the creation of business profits:

- stockpiling health and human knowledge through the stages of life;

- use of the stock of knowledge and skills development;

- productivity gains (lead to higher earnings the employee);

- revenue growth (motivates employees to make additional investments).

man - the carrier of knowledge, which are formed and developed in the course of his professional activities.In this aspect of the certification it is designed to assess a person's ability to develop, produce, implement innovation and Takeo manage it.

marketing tools necessary for the implementation and promotion of innovation is also an important subject of the certification activities.

Manpower creates and develops throughout life as they gain experience, skills and education.Qualifications favor its integral part and a level of professional life of the employee.A person with a higher level of education and gets a better paid job.Certification is designed not only to assess the current level of performance, but to determine the readiness of employees to continue their education and professional development.Currently beneficial not just to get an education, but also to adequately invest money in it, because education has a direct impact on productivity and the efficiency of the innovation system as a whole.Invest in a much better investment than the other factor of production.The importance of intellectual capital manifests itself in boosting innovation processes in enterprises.

intellectual potential gained its relevance recently.Investing in it are becoming more common.This area is now developing rapidly, so the certification of personnel should evaluate all of these trends and to consider them in the context of the prospects for the development of the enterprise as a whole and the contribution of each employee in this development.Determination of the intellectual potential, as a rule, is very vague and the relative nature and usually involves the amount of skills of the personnel of the company, ensuring competitiveness.Depending on the type, complexity and scale of innovation role of knowledge in the innovation process is crucial.For the more radical innovations of the new knowledge to be created and used in a variety of contexts.

Social capital can be assessed through its function - a set of specific characteristics that a person possesses.They represent aspects of social qualities that contribute to human activities within social structures.Group employees (ie staff), works more efficiently than the one in which no favorable interpersonal relations.Social capital - a common good, which is created by a serious effort and a long time.

Mobile potential is especially significant in a continuous and dynamic development of the base of the innovation system.In these circumstances, an employee as a result of the necessary labor movement acquires knowledge with the comprehensive nature in relation to the activities of the enterprise.

organizational and entrepreneurial potential has significant special features in comparison with others.Owning vast resources, know-how, trade secrets, allows you to turn the organizational and entrepreneurial capital in a special kind of human potential.Entrepreneurship should engage representatives from all levels of management.It is necessary to identify and stimulate entrepreneurial potential employees.Specific person's ability to address non-traditional tasks, not routinely, his initiative and awareness of the risk, the pursuit of effective actions are expressed as entrepreneurial skills.A new stage of rethinking the concept of "entrepreneurial" and the role of human resources in general and entrepreneurial skills in particular.For the development of innovative enterprise are not as important natural resources and production capacity, as the intellectual level and the innovative ability of participants to entrepreneurship.That is where the resource is, and there is innovative development.

complexity of the analysis of human potential is determined by the fact that its impact on sustainable innovative development of multidimensional and ambiguous.In addition, the certification of personnel has a special role and stands out among the other forms of work with the staff in the framework of the innovative development of the enterprise.An example of this is the situation that prevailed in the domestic business with the staff of accountants.On the one hand, the labor market is full proposals, on the other - enterprises are experiencing an acute shortage of professional accountants.To solve this contradiction as the time and can certification of professional accountants.Practice shows that the self-esteem of any competitor of the professionalism, nor the formal power that characterize his work capacity, can not provide such comprehensive information about the employee and his prospects.