Adaptation of the staff through the use of the logistic model of personnel management

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labor adaptation of personnel - is a mutual process of adaptation of the employee and the company, which is based on the employee's connection to the production process in the new conditions for it.From a sociological point of view, the adaptation of the staff is a bit like the socialization of the employee to his new place of work.

Modern Management differentiates usually two types of adaptation (they are the stages of the process and, in the event that adaptation is repeated character): primary and secondary.When a person first begins to self-employment after receiving vocational training is the primary.In the present conditions, with the development of the freedom of movement of labor, is becoming increasingly important secondary adaptation of personnel in the enterprise.

As a rule, a special unit, functionally aimed at solving the problems of adaptation, enterprises do not have these features tend to perform personnel services.Their main goal - to make the adaptation of personnel took place as efficiently as possible for the company and less painful for the employee.

One of the promising directions of such services, is the adaptation of personnel on the basis of logistics technology management personnel and staff.

Construction of a conceptual model of logistics personnel allows descriptive description of the upcoming changes in the area.From the standpoint of modern requirements to personnel management, it has some weaknesses.In particular:

  • unwillingness of management companies to assess the value of human capital and, consequently, the value of HR services company effective management aimed at achieving and ensuring their competitive advantage in today's market;
  • insufficient attention to personnel services to the management of organizational behavior, ie,determining a set of values ​​of the organization, the rules (rules) of conduct, reflecting the mission, vision and strategy of the organization, management of personnel loyalty, ensuring the involvement of staff in the performance of the organization;
  • insufficient adaptation of personnel and horizontal integration of the fundamental directions of the organization of management personnel, as the selection and recruitment, appraisal, training and development, impairment, career planning, remuneration;
  • lack of practice of engaging employees in the development and implementation of the concept of human resource management;
  • design activities and functions of staff through a formal approach (without a thorough analysis of the work and roles in the organization), based on a typical job descriptions or the tariff-classification performance.

use for activities of personnel management personnel of related processes that ensure integrated management of personnel, can be called "process approach".The operation processes may be mediated by binding them to the functional parts of the organization, identifying the owners and members of processes and document workflow.In this approach, adaptation of personnel resources in favor of human transformation processes in the human business processes.It is justified to use personnel flows logistics operations or functions.This allows the simulation and optimization of HR processes.

logistics operations or functions in this case should be regarded as in a sense, an autonomous program of action, which aims at transforming human resources.Therefore, the object of study of logistics personnel must be in constant motion of the human assets of the organization.