An example of how to interview for employment

today to find qualified staff is not easy.When applying for a job even the best specialist tries to look better, to get the position.Everyone wants to be interviewed for a job.An example of this is found at every turn.People invent themselves experience and skills that do not own.Very frequent disappointment in the selected blocks makes us think about how to interview for employment so that then do not regret your choice.Here are a few simple tips.

Alien experience

In the world there are a few practices on how to interview for employment in different countries.For example, in Britain, it is important to conduct the interview in which the applicant is obliged to answer specific questions, such as family traditions, and tell almost the whole biography.Germans pay more attention to clean documents, they certainly present a recommendation from various high officials and bureaucrats.Before you invite someone to a job interview, the selection will be his major Commission documents.In America, everything is easier, and not without tests.The emphasis is on the development of human potential, his ambition and self-confidence.And, for example, in China, to get a job, you need at school, pass a written exam.It's all special cases, are not inherent in our mentality, so we explain a few general tips on how to interview for employment.

General advice

conduct interviews when hiring better together.The first man to be a psychologist or a skilled worker from the personnel department, and the second - the head or simply an expert in the area where the person is accepted.Interviewing for a job can go to the following plan.

  1. To begin to gain the interlocutor, asked a few questions on abstract themes.See how the applicant responds.
  2. Holding in the hands of his resume, ask a few general questions, the answers to which you know.Look at the reaction of the applicant.This behavior then you will use as a marker of his lies and truthful answers to the other questions.
  3. Ask a few questions about ambitions.Ask about what a person sees himself in 5 years, which is planning to achieve in life.
  4. Ask a strictly professional matters concerning his knowledge of the job, based on his experience.It is important to check whether the person did not exaggerate your skills.
  5. Finally, ask the applicant to ask him questions and further information, leave, promising to call back, for example.

Such an interview for a job happens everywhere, although there may be special cases.

Based on Western companies

Today in vogue innovative approaches to recruitment.If you already know how to interview for employment, you can treat it as a normal joke.Sometimes, especially in Western companies, the employer still wants to check on the interview as an employee behaves in a stressful situation, how can react to unexpected behavior.Here are possible options: you can suddenly speak a different language, loud fart or ask another employee to make a scene right in his dismissal from office scandal.In any case, you'll see the real human response.After all, to many of your questions, and he has long been willing to typical interview took place many times, and this he does not expect, and therefore the reaction would be the most fair and adequate.Perhaps, and this option is worth a try.