Why do we need an effective control system?

Why and who needs Management System ?Yes, the "effective"?

What is this - a panacea for all problems or just another set of "high-sounding" phrases?

Does kakoy- though the practical meaning of these slovah- "control system"?

What can really help "an effective system of management of the company?"

-In fact, properly chosen (it is suitable for your environment) management system - the fastest and cheapest way to dramatically increase the efficiency of your company!

Personally I know only one more effective than the control system, a way to dramatically increase productivity and efficiency - is the organization of work, namely: specialization and standardization .However, we (Slavs), in their mentality, are generalists , it is very difficult to separate (to produce a narrow specialization ) process.

us such specialization , seems unnecessary and boring, and we do not believe that it will give a performance boost (details can be found here:


advantages of Western (primarily Northern Europe: UK, Germany, Holland, Sweden, and others.) In the industrial age, are connected with the specialization and standardization.Such skills have enabled these countries to successfully master the first factory, and later factories.

-And how to create a proper system of governance?How to do it quickly?

-Use simple, proven methods and tools!

Why speed matters?

-Also general trend to accelerate all processes when the rate is converted into a competitive advantage, coming second wave of crisis.

And if during the first wave, the economy "flooded with money", during the second wave of almost all the reserves are exhausted.

Most likely, it will be a joint crisis: the financial and economic (and political afraid).Roughly speaking, while the money will not be.

Then the only possible "tactics" would like to put out the fire!

And by that time you'd be great in handy right control system: a loyal employee, with instantly adopted and implemented measures.