Camus (brandy): description and reviews

cognac house Camus appeared thanks to the efforts of Jean Baptiste Camus in 1863.After 7 years since the founding of this company Camus Cognac won the hearts of Europeans, followed by the Russian market.Gaston Camus, one of the owners of the home, in Russia visited regularly, with Czar Nicholas II invited him to hunt.

Interestingly, this French cognac house has a certain relationship with Russia.So, in 1910 he supplied to our country about 70% of its imports.After almost 50 years, it was signed a cooperation agreement with the Soviet Union, in force for over thirty years.

this had reason to: it should be noted that the house Camus for his drinks selects only the best of the crop during the distillation of wine alcohol used in a number of different family "tricks."Thus, any step in the process of creating drinks is controlled by a representative of the legendary family.And the art of assemblage it is passed down through the generations - from Jean Baptiste to Jean Paul, today's head, and his eldest son, continues the tradition of Jean Baptiste II.

interesting that still house Camus - is an independent family enterprise, and this in spite of the interesting proposals on its sale, which regularly receives Jean Paul.House of Camus, as befits such a large cognac house, it offers a huge range of drinks.On them will be discussed below.

Camus V.

This Camus - cognac, specially designed for the strong spirit, energetic and young people.Cognac spirits for the beverage selected to emphasize the individuality of character and freshness.It is best to reveal its qualities in cocktails with apple juice or tonic water and ice in a pure form.

Camus Neon

Another Camus - brandy of the current generation, which is designed for a young audience.This beverage blend is made so that it can easily be drunk in pure form, as well as fruit juices and ice.It has an intense amber color with golden deep shades.Refreshing and aromatic, with hints of almond and toffee tones.

Cognac Camus VSOP Elegance

worth noting that a generation of home distillation Camus develops technologies, based in part on the sedimentary alcohols, perfecting it every year to the desired result.Through this method appeared Cognac Camus Elegance.It contains the combined alcohol, exposure is not less than four years.

Its unique flavor allows you to plunge into a variety of different shades of pleasure: the initial wave produces vanilla, sweet, breaks through the notes of wreath of flowers;little deeper into their marks define prunes, pear and caramel;while in the glass of a tree is heard, faintly perceptible aroma of young wine.

Camus Grand V.S.O.P.

Transparent dark amber Cognac Camus VSOP- A delicate, rich, soft, well-balanced drink with aromas of honey, violets, oak, leather and nuts.Very harmonious, enveloping, soft taste with a nutty aftertaste.The drink is designed for true connoisseurs of excellence.

Camus VSDe Lux

This Cognac Camus VS, despite its name, can also be categorized as VSOPIt is interesting, but it will comply with the legislation of France as an excerpt alcohol in its composition, an average of 5 years.Incredibly harmonious drink with a long taste.

Camus Josephine

This cognac Camus created specifically for the delicate half of all humanity.His assemblage is a compound of the soft top spirits, aged about 20 years.Hue - pale amber with a soft golden hue.This drink has a delicate bouquet with notes of vanilla, almond and violets on the background of slightly perceptible shades of chestnut.

Camus X.O.Superior

Company Camus Cognac XOSuperior believes the hallmark of the family the best drinks.It combines the advantages of 150 cognac, most of them at the same time comes from the Borderies.Cognac color - amber, with mahogany and golden hues.Aroma fruity with notes of hazelnut and prune.

Camus Napoleon Vieille Reserve

This Cognac Camus - a quality level between XOSuperior with Grande V.S.O.P.His assemblage includes alcohols 100, the oldest of which is kept in oak barrels for about 35 years.It is perfected, lively drink, richness and complexity of which it is given depth and flavor, do not have among the rest of Napoleon brandy category peers.

Camus Extraordinare

at the XXX London exhibition of spirits and wines in 1999. The expert committee unanimously recognized that drink the best cognac in the world.His blend includes about 200 selected according to the criteria of exposure, balance and richness of cognac, most of them at the same time comes from the Borderies.This drink has an amber color with lively and deep golden reflections.

Camus Special Reserve

Creator of cognac became Jean-Paul Camus.His originality, individuality and magnificence he must blend of almost one hundred oldest cognac spirits from the store, about this and said his name.Cognac has a sparkling amber soft color of medium intensity with a warm golden hue.Deep and full flavor characteristic of interesting tones of dried fruit among the shades of cedar.Taste with well distinguishable "rancio" magnificent and dry aftertaste.

Camus Extra

In 1987, at the contest of spirits and wine brandy has been awarded the title of "Best Cognac in the world."It is composed of a blend of old cognac alcohols.To their advantage is completely open, it should be fine to drink from glasses in the form of a tulip.Slowly warming up glass in his hand, and almost touching it, you will give an opportunity to reveal the very first fragrance that smells of woven leather, oak wood, vanilla, wax, ripe fruits and violets with stunning nuances of walnut and tobacco.

Camus Reserve Extra Vieille Jubilee

blend of cognac Edmond Camus was created in 1918 in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the company Camus.It includes in its membership the oldest cognac spirits, relating to the collection of houses, of which part has been filled for aging in barrels in the XIX century.The drink has an amber color with a deep soft golden hue.It is characterized by mature aromas of cedar wood, leather with a hint of smoke.Attracts a taste of honey and oak notes, followed by a delicious dry aftertaste.

Camus Reserve Extra Vieille Gold Marquise

This created a masterpiece of the oldest and best cognac house Camus, some of them date back to the XIX century.The unique taste characteristics of the drink is one of the rarest and most interesting examples of the works of the House.Advantages of this drink supplemented with handmade crystal decanter Baccarat, moreover, packing.

Camus Borderies XO

This cognac is a blend of twenty cognac made from grapes that were grown in appellasone Borderies.This drink has an unusual odor, excellent harmony and freshness.Luxury packaging and matte elegant bottle complement the grandeur of the drink.A grape provides softness and excellent bouquet.The beverage for true connoisseurs.

Camus Cuvee

About this unique cognac Jean Batis II Camus, who created this magnificent drink, said he is so different from all the others that even its creator did not want brandy called VSOP

This drink is an interesting blend of sixty eaux, which were created from grapes appellasonov Borderies and Grand Champagne.From the latter he received his elegance, and first provides softness and excellent bouquet.