How to put the lens on the eye one or two hands

Everyone dreams of wearing glasses to remove them, but to see the world around him clearly.Modern ophthalmology offers a variety of methods of correcting vision.These include laser surgery to correct vision, wearing glasses, all kinds of methods to strengthen the eye muscles and the use of contact lenses.The easiest way to get rid of glasses - the use of soft contact lenses.

At the initial stage for the beginner certainly will be a question: how to wear lenses.After all, they are made of flexible and thin material.First of all, before you take the lens, you must clean your hands from dust and dirt using detergent.This procedure avoids the ingress of infection and foreign bodies (lint, fluff, fungi and microorganisms) in the eye.For dry hands fit rigid towel or microfiber cloth.These materials do not contain lint, thus before wear lenses, the fingers will be cleaned from foreign particles.Otherwise, discomfort and cramps in the eyes can not be avoided.

Generally, an ophthalmologist assigns different diopter lens wear.In this case, it is necessary to learn for themselves the main rule - to put on and take off the lens must be strictly from the left (or right) eye.This step will avoid confusion.If your doctor has prescribed corrective lenses are the same forces, then the order of insertion of the lens in the eye and removing it does not matter.

There are two reception insert soft contact lenses.For a start, taking the lens from the package (container), check its integrity and correct position.Inverted lens similar to a plate with directed edges in opposite directions.When properly position the lens must be in the form of bowls with edges directed upwards.

1. How to put the lens with one hand

With the index finger of his left hand lens is worn on the eyeball, with the middle finger pulls the lower part of the century.Picking up the sclera, followed by the planting look down the lens in place and remove your finger from the lower eyelid.Close the eye - lens should stay in their own pupil.Exactly the same steps are carried out with the right lens.

2. How to wear the lenses in both hands

With the index finger of his left hand lens is inserted in the sclera.At this time, the middle finger of the same hand pulls the lower eyelid and the other hand - the top.Without lifting your hands, rolled his eyes left and right.This is to ensure that the lens got it at exactly the intended location.

Carefully remove fingers and blinked.Repeat the same steps with the other lens.

To remove it, you need to take your eyes upwards and the finger pull the lower eyelid.The index finger moves the lens to the eyeball and is removed from the eye.Gently squared lens, we must put it in storage in a special solution.

contact lens care

  1. Strict cleanliness hands.Before the manipulation of the lenses can not use lotions and creams, and hands should be washed with soap and water.

  2. Dress lenses before applying makeup.

  3. Liquid lenses in the container every time should only be poured fresh.

  4. Do not use homemade solutions or water (boiled, distilled, filtered, carbonated and so on. D.) For storage and wetting.

  5. should be regularly (once a week) to clean contact lenses special peroxide system.

  6. In no case can not wet the lens with saliva, and to take them into his mouth.