Business custom

custom business turnover carries a very thin legal characteristic.Quite often, this term can be found in the accounting of legal documents.However, in practice the custom of the business turnover is not fixed in any contracts or in legislation.

During the trial, the judge can make decisions based on business custom, adopted in a particular field of activity.Sometimes, if it is applicable in a business segment, it is unacceptable for another effect certain specifics of the enterprise.

business customs is the custom, which adhere to one or another form of entrepreneurship.It takes the form of compulsory behavior, or as it is referred to as "the usual business practices."At its core - it is an established practice, ethics, or order business.

example can serve as a business habit weekly meetings on Mondays in manufacturing plants, conducting debriefing on airline behavior of workers in Japanese factories (where the chief of department always sits on a hill in order to see all the employees subordinate to him sector).In Russia, on the contrary, the chief is trying to sit in a separate room, and even for double doors.Somewhere in Japan, take off the voltage by looking at Sakura.

Sometimes business usages are fixed in writing.For example, in educational institutions, rules of conduct stipulates that the student or disciple should welcome the teacher standing.Our life is so firmly established business practices, examples of which we do not even notice how we do not notice the air we breathe every second.

also never fixed the custom: high-ranking official from the Ministry inspects the shops of the enterprise, and be accompanied by "entourage".The suite consists of the heads of the various services that are willing to give explanations on emerging issues and take note comments governing official for further consideration.

Often business practices used in commercial practice.The contract may be designated in writing a business used to, but it implies a common practice that has emerged over the years.When using the turnover there is no practice to refer to a particular article of the law in drawing up the contract, however, in the event of litigation the parties, the court business turnover may be taken as the basis for sentencing (as mentioned earlier in this article).

in education council pupils and teachers can be fined for violating the forms of business turnover, acceptable to all the rules of education.In these cases, it does not even matter whether the violation is fixed in writing legal documents and legislation.

Most participants in the preparation of the contract the parties expressly stipulate the non-use or the use of business turnover in their relations.Such agreements comply with the principles of free civil contracts.

custom is generally accepted, if it is used in this area is wide enough it was formed on the basis of experience and years of practice, and if he provides for certain types of business activities.

Chamber of Commerce currently has published rules based on customary business practice.

However, business practice, in practice, very often there are problems, especially if the turnover is not documented.If the customs recorded in writing, they are on the right "legitimate."Currently, in order to avoid conflict situations, managers are increasingly prescribed in the contract business habit.