7 best dance styles for correction

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Dancing - the most beautiful and inspiring kind of physical activity.Dancing, we know their world and make it better, energizes and brings the body into shape.Today we tell about the best dance styles for slimming and figure modeling.

Latina (Latin Dance)

emotional Ideal for girls who are not afraid to tell the world about their feelings and show the depth of his passionate nature.Clockwork "Mambo" or flirtatious "cha-cha" erotic "rumba" or temperamental "reggaeton" flirting "salsa" or energetic "jive" - ​​could not be better for you if you need to work out the waist to form cubes press and correctthe lower part of the figure.

result of lessons will be "royal" posture, thin waist and tightened abdominal muscles without a hint of a rounded belly.Every movement in Latina - is prevention of stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, and hence many gynecological problems.Dancing "Latina" you significantly reduce the risk of osteoporosis, get grace and flexibility, as well as burning a huge amount of calories, lose weight.


Magic tool for correction.Many women who once tried it, can no longer refuse to perform a beautiful dance steps.Due to specific vibrations and shaking, sensual Vellydance effective treatment procedure for removing fat deposits on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

Yielding to the impulse of dance, you stimulate the bowels, eliminate blood stasis, which favorably affects the metabolism.Belly Dancing useful for strengthening the muscles of the pelvic and perineum of the day, like the Kegel exercises they contribute to the discovery of new facets of intimacy, help facilitate women during childbirth and accelerate the recovery of the body after it.

Club Dance

«Club Dance" usually is learning to reproduce at parties and discos followed by collection of applause.But they are also a great way to "correct" figure.There are many areas of Club Dance: house, trance, disco-house, funk, go-go, 2-step and others.

Dancing in the rhythm of modern night clubs, you get emotional discharge, increase resistance to stress and unleash, strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular system, build up attractive female reliefs and, of course, lose weight.

Celtic dances

If you wish to have your feet admired men, step (tap dance) to help you!This extraordinary type of dance contributes to the formation of an ideal circuit calves and thighs, charges the joy and good mood.It belongs to the category of anaerobic loads, that is, those that increase muscle strength and increase muscle size, due to what calories are burned more intense, therefore, fat "melting" before our eyes.

Contrary to popular belief, step - a complex set of movements, the implementation of which involves maintaining tension throughout the body.This static load effect on muscle tone, forms a beautiful landscape and strengthens the spine.


About Spanish women say they are excessively proud, have an increased sense of self-esteem, which is transmitted to them, along with their mother's milk and nurtured for centuries.Probably not the last role in this played the national dance "Flamenco.""Fire and flames" on the dance floor perfectly correct posture makes straighten his shoulders, gain confidence and proudly raise his head.

Good posture works wonders: smooths out imperfections figures prevents disease of the spine and, most importantly, physiologically correctly distributes the load on the muscles and organs of the body.Classes involve a circular motion in the joints, "twist", tilt and rotate the body that promotes weight loss thighs and buttocks, the emergence of the relief of the calf muscles, improving the proportions of the figure.


It is a dance that will help you to master your body.It is chosen uninhibited women, for whom it is important to always be seductive and irresistible in the eyes of his men.

Dancing, you will not only learn how to lightness and ease of movements, but also worked muscles of the chest, abdomen, buttocks and legs.Dance on a pole, holding his weight on his hands - not an easy task, so many dancers unknowingly begin to eat less in order to achieve more impressive results.

Body Maid (Aerobics)

relatively new trend in the art of dance.It is a fitness workout with aerobic and strength elements.It allows you to work out all the problem areas of the female body: arms, chest, waist, back, hips, buttocks and legs.Month regular classes get rid of fat around the waist cushion, please press and diced sleeves excess fat in the hips and buttocks.

According to the famous American singer James Joseph Brown, any problem can be solved in the world dancing.Dance happy to find the perfect woman's body!

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