How to make a choice of water filter

Open the tap and drink with great pleasure out of it a glass of water, without fear for their lives and health, now more myth than reality.Unfortunately, the natural functions of water purification, as well as all the environment as a whole violated the irrational human activities and water resources of the planet's increasingly depleted and the disaster becomes global.

Environmental pollution has led to that today water without special treatment is simply not usable.In this issue there is no national and geographic boundaries, it is fully touched absolutely all, so today every person solving the problem of providing clean and safe water, personal health monitors.

quality of water that flows through our pipes, not getting better from year to year, it can be seen on the plaque, which remain on the kettles on the plumbing.The saddest thing is that the contaminants accumulate in the human body.In addition, this water is very hard, and in excess of chlorinated.

The easiest way to have a good quality of drinking water at home - it is to clean with the help of special tools and equipment.That is why the choice of a water filter has become one of the important issues.This device allows you to protect yourself from unwanted effects and make the first dishes, coffee, tea, a proper taste.

correct choice of water filter will not only harmless water use, but also make it softer.Choosing it, pay attention to such indicators: efficiency, performance, operation and dimensions, which have to fit into the kitchen and, of course, a reasonable cost.

to make a selection of a water filter, it is necessary to know which model is and how they differ.There are some variations, as a pitcher, tips on tap, two- and three-part cleaning system and ultrafilters.Also popular stationary models, diaphragm, "geyser" (eg, Geyser Geyser Bio or 3), and the main purpose.

What water filter is better?This question is asked by people who want to buy a practical and durable device for cleaning.If you only watch it, ask what materials manufactured housing, and cartridges.The filter should first be made of reliable and high-quality materials that will not contribute to the growth of bacteria.

also be guided by the fact that a person drinks a day about 2.5-3.5 liters of clean water.Note the total number of guests in the house, multiply by three - that's at least as much a day should give the water treatment plant.

most often in homes and country houses using a portable pitcher filter, and the most popular model recognized by Brita.Its disadvantages are small resource.The volume of water in the tank is 1-3 liters, and the cartridge must be changed every month 1.5-2.5.It attracts a very affordable price.Choosing a water filter in a jar to give to be the best option.

nozzles on the crane are the toner cartridge longer than the pitcher and dress up any model of the crane.Often used desktop filtering system, they are suitable for a family of 4 persons.The disadvantage is only one - the average size of the container.

What water filter is better?Many experts believe that the best model is the system of multi-cleaning, which is characterized by a considerable toner cartridge.Typically, such systems are called "under the sink", and for the use of treated water in the sink is mounted separate tap.Modern systems ultrafilters kill 99% of bacteria and their use for the popular bottled water.In everyday life we ​​are widely used model RAIFIL, PICOGRAM, which allow deep cleaning.

Bulk water filter, for example, Geyser 1P 3/4 cleanses and softens the water, thus prolonging the life of washing and dishwashing machines.It eliminates chlorine, bacteria and harmful components.He has another useful feature - it removes iron, removes unpleasant smell, so the main water filter is one of the best options for cleaning the water coming into your home.