What do the kitchen floor?

Equipping the kitchen and making it repair, each owner wonders about the material for the floor.On that first of all need to pay attention?Choosing the material should take into account its hygienic properties, wear resistance and moisture resistance, outer beauty and practicality.In addition, important is the inclusion of the flooring into the overall design of styles and cuisine.Thus, the most suitable of the presented materials in the building markets can be called a tile (s usually given priority), ceramic, linoleum tile or PVC waterproof laminate and self-leveling floors.With regard to the solid boards, wood flooring and cork, these materials, despite its external beauty and durability, less suited to kitchen facilities, as difficult to maintain and are ill-suited to the high humidity.

Sex in the kitchen of tiles and porcelain

These versatile materials in recent years is most commonly used for covering the kitchen floor.The advantages are obvious them.Firstly, they are environmentally friendly, very durable, easy to clean and are not afraid of household chemicals.A variety of colors and textures allows the use of tile in any interior style: simple, classic, delicate, romantic or daring today, but also provides space for designer fantasies and colorful experiments using a variety of color combinations and decor.

Tile floor in the kitchen is chosen to meet the requirements for its durability and safety, so experts recommend buying a tile fourth grade strength and standard PEI 3/1500, as well as with non-slip coating.

What are the disadvantages of the floor?It is very hard, so the cups, plates and glasses that had fallen on the tiles, scatter into many small fragments.And it's cold, but there is a way out.Heated floor in the kitchen will make the room more cozy and comfortable.Modern underfloor heating systems, such as infrared, installed quickly and without major financial outlay.A walk on this floor, especially barefoot, it is a pleasure.

The kitchen linoleum

Here's another versatile material that is used for many years uzhu for flooring.He is constantly improving, getting better, greener and more beautiful.Modern types of linoleum surprising variety of colors, style decisions and striking design.In addition, it makes it environmentally friendly materials with the addition of natural ingredients, and is impregnated with antistatic antigoryuchimi compositions.In short, a coating of linoleum - a durable, inexpensive, modern and very practical.However, this material - one of the cheapest, is, on the one hand, its advantages, and the other drawback.No matter how beautiful it may be, the use of linoleum in the interior appearance of the room much cheaper, even if the cover design mimics expensive flooring, tile or natural stone.

self-leveling floor in the kitchen

This type of coating has become fashionable recently.It consists of a special polymeric material which is diluted with water and poured onto the floor.The result is a very flat and smooth coating with high performance.Poured floors are waterproof, resistant to abrasion and household products, eco-friendly.Their color scheme can be very different: a bright solid color, glossy or matte, with decorative patches, iridescence, etc.A novelty in the production of self-leveling floor was coated with a three-dimensional effect three-dimensional image.Do it with the fotoprint, which is laid on the floor, and the top is filled with a thick layer of special transparent lacquer structure, strong and durable.Disadvantages of self-leveling floor?First of all, the high cost and complexity of installation.

Kitchen - multifunction room.As a rule, they are not only cook, but also to gather the whole family, as well as welcome guests.Often the kitchen trying to be divided into functional areas: a dining room and a kitchen highlight compartment.This division can be further emphasize not only light partitions, different color scheme of the walls, and floor finishes.Combined kitchen floor is composed of different materials.For example, in the dining area lay laminate or solid wood and in the area of ​​cooking - tile or linoleum, making out the joints with special decorative profiles.