How to defrost the refrigerator

on cold surfaces cooler condenses the moisture released from the air and stored products.She turns to frost, which in itself does not affect the operation of the refrigeration device, but it turned into a "snow coat" difficult to freeze products and increases power consumption.Therefore, the frost should be promptly removed.
Often housewives, buying a new refrigerator, think about how to defrost the refrigerator.I will try to answer this question.
Defrosting the refrigerator should be done only after disconnecting it from the network.Not recommended to defrost it in hot weather.This limitation is due to the fact that when the compressor is switched on again it will spend more energy and time for the refrigeration.
How to defrost the refrigerator in the heat, you ask?Better, of course, not to do so.But the urgent need is desirable to include thawed refrigerator at night, because at this time there is a decrease in air temperature.
can not during defrost chipping the ice with a sharp object, the frozen on the walls.It is not recommended to tear off the ice hands, not to harm the evaporator tubes.Defrosting the refrigerator takes time.In this case it is better to wait than izlomat expensive thing needed in the household.Ice after some time increases alone.

Remember that after defrosting the shelves and the freezer should be washed with warm water.This should be done regularly, not allowing the formation of the "coat of snow" on the surface of the evaporator.It is recommended to thaw the frost with a thickness of 4-5 mm.It is not necessary under the sink in the water and special detergents solutions.Refrigerator shelves made of glass, it is recommended to wash under the tap with running water.
inner chamber can be washed with warm water and baking soda, but do not forget that the soda is contraindicated aluminum evaporator.His and other aluminum components to be simply cleaned.Avoid accumulation of fluid in the bottom of the camera, as it may harm the insulation.Washed refrigerator should be wiped with a soft, dry cloth to prevent the formation of crystals of frost on the walls of the chamber and ventilate it, so the door is left open.How to defrost the refrigerator
?Pulling out all the products by removing the shelves and sliding drawers.Do not forget to wash the inside of the unit and carefully wipe it from moisture.Avoid unpleasant odors in the refrigerator!
should talk about another issue inconvenience.Tell us how to eliminate the smell from the refrigerator.In addressing this problem to help different odor absorbers and fragrances.
Remove unwanted odors in the home, you can use a solution of ammonia in a ratio of 1 tbsp.teaspoon to 1 liter of liter of water.This solution before washing rub the inner surface of the cooling unit.
How to eliminate the smell from the refrigerator, guided by the advice of our mothers and grandmothers?
It is enough to spread out on the shelves sliced ​​bread and leave it there for an hour, closed door.Foreign smell will disappear without a trace.However, remember that the grandmother's advice: put inside half an apple or dry bread, pour coffee beans - a struggle not with the cause of the smell, and already with the investigation

Many people think that odors are the result of freon discharged from the system.This is misleading.Freon has no color, no taste, no smell.Therefore, an unpleasant odor is likely formed due to spoiled food.Do not forget that if the refrigerator for a long time not to wash, the unpleasant odor is capable vestsya in plastic forever!
Now you know how to defrost the refrigerator and wash it.Remember that caring for the cooling unit can increase its service life.