Blue: combination with other colors.

Blue has unique qualities - it can give a person a complete happiness, and may deprive of all - friends, family, health, money, and so on. D. Magic blue has been known for thousands of years BC.

Energy color

Regardless of whether you know how the blue, or not, when faced with it, you will always fall under its influence.The combination of blue with other colors are also essential.Some combinations can bring good luck, while others - attract trouble."It is better to know and to manage than a toy to be blind," - said the wise men.How to find the winning combination of blue with other colors?The photos in this article will show you the direction in which to move.Based on combinations already invented by someone and become classics, that is, considering the surrounding nature, as well as studying the paintings of recognized masters of painting, you can learn how to manage color, and hence the energy laid down in different shades of the spectrum.We will sharpen the focus is on the blue, as happened especially around a lot of stereotypes.

Why is it important the ability to properly combine colors

It is believed that the combination of dark blue with other colors in the clothes, such as black, brown, gray or green, is unacceptable.Harmonious only additions in the form of white, peach, red, yellow or blue elements.

To understand, what colors are combined in the blue dress, should find out what associations it evokes, what feelings, what meaning and even energy load it carries.Having dealt with the essence, you will learn how easy and stress-free kits be stylish men's, women's and children's clothing.

After skillful combination of blue with other colors in the clothing equivalent to the skillful combination of salt with food habits.Put a little more or a little less - and everything spoiled the dish.Instead of pleasure - a feeling of frustration and wasted effort.

Blue is, even if it is not - one of the paradoxes of nature

At home, at work - we all surrounding objects is blue, although they tend to be not so much.The complete absence of blue, as well as an excess - a signal of some problems.If you looked around himself and found no element of blue - do not despair.Spectral analysis of the green, cool red and many other items show that the blue, though in different proportions, is present in almost all of them, so, mentally affects our subconscious.

What is blue, and why it is so important to know its properties?

turn to history and art.Recent research scientists, art historians suggest that the most common colors in the painting - the orange and blue.However, use of the latter has always been very uneven.Explain this phenomenon in various ways.

Warning, danger!

Before the invention of synthetic dyes components for blue pigment were a rarity.In ancient Egypt, it did bluing of chalk, sand and malachite.It is difficult, long and laborious.American Maya extracted mineral indigo clay.Technology, with its inventors, sank into oblivion.Scientists are still struggling with the mystery of Indian ink.Maya methylene blue covered his body when stepped on the warpath.In this way, they gave themselves an awesome view.

In ancient Rome, where it is very fond of purple, blue avoided, because the Romans associated it with death.Mourning clothes were the Roman patricians of blue material.Therefore, a collision with the blue, in one form or another, it was considered a bad omen.

Incorrect combination of dark blue with other colors in the clothes might look repulsive and dark.But dark blue with peach - noble, aristocratic and at the same time gently.This range has to establish some chilly, but friendly relations.

Rehabilitation blue

In Europe, active use of blue paint, blue and rehabilitation, in fact, the beginning of the classical European painting attributed to the 13th century.From South-East Asia - India and Iran - it was brought lapis lazuli, and the technology of ink from this mineral.Very bright and persistent, but very expensive paint is applied only to the image of biblical stories.Later, blue, or rather, the blue color became the official symbol of the Virgin Mary.

combined with intelligence and caution!

Different shades of blue - from the bright, white and blue to blue-black, emphasizing the folds of garments, - an eternal purity, innocence and a certain detachment.Dressed in such a scheme, remember - you just will make a very favorable impression, but set an insurmountable distance between himself and another person.

incredibly handsome blue suit with massive ornaments of yellow metal.In the Middle Ages, blue coat indicates a high social status of its owner.It was the same thing in our time clock "Rolex" on hand.

Dark shades of blue, without diluting the light pastel colors, always cause the condition of the oppressed and can plunge into depression.

Learn artists positivist

In the 18th century, it was first produced analogue of the natural ultramarine.As often happens, the discovery happened by chance.Its inventor - producer of paints chemist diesbach - engaged in the manufacture of red pigment, but one of the components proved to be spoiled, and instead of the expected purple came to light blue, later known as Berlin.

It took another hundred years, and the palette of artists added a new paint - methylene blue cobalt.That it can be seen in the works of Claude Monet and Renoir.Many contemporaries of famous Impressionists avoided this dark color, but Renoir, writing "umbrella", completely destroyed the idea of ​​the blue as the color of death.His picture is not black, as the Impressionists did not use it a matter of principle - only different shades of blue, green and a little sand.The feeling of freshness, youth and noble dignity emanates from it.That's what the right balance of tones and shades.If you create your set in the same range, the impression of you will be the same as on the pictures.

What should be avoided in order not to look dark and eerily

Since the late nineteenth century, artists began to actively use blue to enhance the psychological impact of their work on the audience.Who first proposed this approach to painting is hard to say.But the teachers were great.Look at the picture of El Greco's "View of Toledo" (1599).When using only blue and green the artist has achieved a mystical feeling of tension, even electrification what animals feel in anticipation of this storm, and begin to panic and rush to publish alarming cries.

combination of blue and yellow is not always good

combination of dark blue with other colors can dramatically change the mentality of color companion.Judge for yourself.Various shades of blue with yellow in the paintings of Van Gogh's first delight elegance, internal energy, and then replaced by an obsessive concern.Compare suit in such colors.The feeling is the same as that of Van Gogh's paintings.At first glance - instant magnetism and admiration.At the next meeting - fatigue and apathy.Try to avoid such a dramatic combination of colors in clothes.At least, do not dress up as the first meeting.

Austerity or sexuality - you decide

Pablo Picasso and Yves Klein has a whole series of paintings in blue.Yves Klein, he said, inspired colors of the sky in the paintings of Giotto.Dark blue - the color of the infernal and sadness.Rolling in the blue, it shows changing moods of deep melancholy and despair to humility, enlightenment, and finally rest.Picasso created a series of paintings of blue inspired by the death of his friend, the artist Carlos Kasagemasom.The suit in shades of blue deprives a person of flesh and sexuality, but it gives the intellect and spiritual refinement.

Expression of blue with a red

And now look at what is a duet - red and blue.Combination with other colors, especially in such energy-rich as red, gives a new breath to any kit.Red and blue suit - it is extremely expressive.Such combinations are in vogue periodically.Then banished from the wardrobe gentle pastel dresses, makeup becomes sexually aggressive, relations between people are built from a position of strength.Have you ever noticed how two talk casually faced stranger on the street, if one of them in soft pastel dress, and the other - in a bright set of saturated red and blue?The energy advantage, of course, on the side of a second.Even if she is not quite right, the first surrender before being declared war.This comparison is - a joke.But close your eyes and try to imagine yourself in this situation.You pastel dress, and counterparts in bright expressive.Magic colors are much stronger than we think.

wedding in shades of sky, sea and azure

To make the wedding party the most up-to-date, will be the tandem - white and blue.The combination with other color, whether pink, yellow or green, is unlikely to be able to get a more appropriate event.The purity and eternity, the blessing of heaven, the mystery of the connection of two bodies that are forever become one flesh - all this could not be more in line with a combination of two colors.But be careful.Too much blue - and the wedding feast would be boring, and the connection of two hearts will be only spiritual.Where a lot of blue - no place for sense gratification, and chastity and asceticism - it is not something to aspire to the couple.

mandatory moderation

It is important to observe the correct proportions.As in Gzhel souvenirs.There is always less blue than white.Therefore, the product looks very elegant and rather strict.What is required for a wedding.Bride - the main decoration of the wedding celebration.From this and be repelled by organizing the entire entourage.

order not to create unnecessary medley in the banquet hall, the first step is to determine which colors combine the blue at the wedding, but white.Dominate have only white and blue.Perhaps the inclusion of gentle colors - pink, green, peach and ecru.

Suit groom

Suit groom is better to pick a dark-blue color.In general, a combination of blue with other colors in the clothes men should not be flashy in any way, and at the wedding - even more so.Pare - bride and groom - should look especially harmonious.The tie of the groom are not allowed accents bright yellow, red or green colors.Most advantageous to look enhancement, if it is two to three shades lighter suit and the same number of tones darker shirts.This is an elegant balance.If the suit is blue, the shirt should be white with a cool blue light, and have a nice necktie pattern in blue tones.

Helpful hints

Do not be afraid to experiment.Remember that the blue color blends well with the cold type of appearance - blond hair, white skin and brunettes with dark skin to drawing up a set of blue should be approached with caution, since dark colors have the ability to absorb - to reduce the volume.Light well including blue contrast, reflect, i.e. impression of larger volume.

Evelyn Khromtchenko known TV presenter, journalist and expert in fashion, once said that among the ten things that should be in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman, in addition to pencil skirt and white blouse must be vest in blue and white stripesand jeans.It is difficult to argue.Vest in fact - something original, and as to jeans, then there are some pitfalls.

Denim Jeans

long time and deservedly settled in the wardrobes of both men and women.It's no secret that many of our contemporaries have completely switched to jeans style.Of course, jeans are very practical and comfortable clothing, but that's boring to look at bridesmaids wearing them.You can not get hung up on something one.Usually fans denim fashion can not wear dresses.They look at them ridiculous and unnatural.Typically, classic jeans can be worn with any T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, regardless of color.This approach eliminates the question, "What color is combined in the blue dress."This means that the person does not look at the world around us, how to color palette.He is very impoverish themselves and their living space narrowing.

Interior Design

At arrangement of the apartment, choosing floor coverings and wall color, we ask the question: "In what room apartments will be most appropriate color blue?Combination with other colors will not be any pressure on the psyche, as it is under constant contemplation of the blue with a red or yellow? "It's the right questions.The blue shades are very good in the bathrooms, but the combination of blue with other colors should be neutral, not distracting.The diversity will soon get bored and become annoying.As the main better to choose a light blue or white, and the individual elements and the pattern tile to make blue.The combination of dark blue with other colors, such as light beige, also very beautiful.Generally blue with coffee has become regarded as a classic version.It may be light blue with dark brown or chocolate color, and you can select the background color of coffee with milk, and decorative details to make blue.

Mediterranean style

In the living room is preferable interior in warm or neutral tones.Blue is not too appropriate under Russian latitudes, when the heat and so is not always enough.However, in creating the interior Mediterranean style mix blue with others is essential.The room, decorated in such a way, should have plenty of natural light and have windows facing south.This will avoid feelings of depression, which faces constant contemplation of objects, painted in blue color.Combination with other colors such as green or black, in a Mediterranean style will look rude and inappropriate.Prefer white and light sand, coffee with milk or cream melted shades.