Legalization of real estate or a real estate cadastre?

Today, real estate registration in the cadastral register for the citizens of Russia - the procedure is optional.But, according to the heads of inventory chambers, soon almost all the inhabitants of the country must necessarily be to issue their property.But before talking about the legalization of real estate, we consider that such a registry, and is responsible for what the federal cadastral chamber?

note that the real estate cadastre - registry documents, which keeps information about the status and value of real estate.Also, there are varieties of inventory as land, forest, water cadastre, etc.

It should be noted that the inventory conducted in every country of the world.In other words, the accounting or assessment, land or real estate.This set of documents that contain information about the owner of real estate, the quality of land, location and more.

Inventory of real estate controlled by the current legislation of the country.Every real estate object must be included in the state register, but, unfortunately, many country houses, etc. are not included in it.

BTI - bodies which are monitoring and implementing the real estate cadastre.They have all the information on an apartment or a house, their condition, location, cost, and configuration owner.The BTI issued a certificate on the technical condition of the property.

All transactions purchase and sale of real estate, without fail, pass through the BTI.Also check and pass the agreement to rent.

significant directions of the Cadastral Chamber

First of all, we note that the Federal Cadastral Chamber - a state (non-profit) institution that performs the functions of registration and technical control of capital construction.Main functions:

- setting objects on the cadastral registration;

- the formation of affairs;

- providing information from the inventory;

- storage of documents;

- maintaining cadastral maps.

Today, public Cadastral Chamber has expanded its list of cases, and they have become more specific.The institution produces documents such as:

- cadastral reference;

- cadastral extract;

- cadastral passport;

- cadastral plan.

With the advent of innovations in the law appeared accounting addresses the copyright holder.If on the neighboring land plots will be carried out restructuring, surveying or other action, the owner will be warned in advance about any changes on the neighboring land.

answers to their question of whether the registration of real estate makes it mandatory?Of course, from the point of view of the law, every property owner should understand their responsibility.Legalization of real estate mandatory step closer to European standards.But then the government will need to develop a strategy to identify offenders and penalties for those who neglected this duty.But at the moment, such measures are not necessary.Soon all physical and juridical persons themselves carry out cadastral registration without accountability.

In conclusion, for the state cadastre of real estate - the basis of the taxation of citizens, ie,each profit obtained in the commission of any real estate transaction, whether it is for sale or rental of property (no matter), pay the tax to the state.Which increases the state treasury makes payment of pensions, children, government salaries, compensation for citizens of Russia weightier.In the future, it can significantly improve the standard of living in the country.