Interactive teaching methods in higher education

Interactive teaching methods are one of the most important means of improving the training of students in higher education.The teacher is now not just be competent in their discipline, giving theoretical knowledge in the classroom.It should be somewhat different approach to the modern educational process.

Most studies have confirmed that the use of interactive methods is the most effective way of learning that will promote optimal absorption of new and retain old material.Students are easier to penetrate, understand and remember what they were able to study, if they become subjects of the educational process.Accordingly, the methodical development of any discipline must include interactive teaching methods.Thanks to this learning process will include all students, without exception.

interactive methods of teaching at the university involve constant interaction, the participants of which are in continuous dialogue, a conversation.They focused on the relationship with the students as teachers and with each other.Moreover, the dominant position it should occupy students, the teacher's role is reduced to the direction of their work to achieve the main objectives of this lesson.

Interactive teaching methods help to solve the following problems:

  • the formation of students' interest in the discipline;
  • optimal utilization of the working material;
  • development of intellectual independence, as individual students need to look for ways and solutions to the problem;
  • learning teamwork, tolerance to other people's point of view;
  • learning to respect everyone's right to their own opinion, his dignity;
  • establishment of cooperation between students;
  • formation of students' opinions, attitudes, professional and life skills.

leading interactive teaching methods following:

  • roundtable (debate and discussion);
  • brainstorming (brainstorming, breynstormy);
  • role and business games;
  • study (analysis of specific situations);
  • master class.

Interactive methods should be implemented taking into account a number of principles.

first law.Occupation is not a lecture, but a common work.

second law.All participants should be equal regardless of social status, age, place of work and experience.

third law.The students and the teacher has the right to have and to be able to express their opinion on any question completely.

fourth law.The classes should be no place for direct criticism of the personality.Comment can only idea.

fifth law.All that was said in the classroom is not a guide to action, and is a thought.

interactive teaching methods should include a specific algorithm implementation.

In preparation to engage the teacher should carefully think through possible scenarios.For this purpose, an additional material is prepared.In addition, you must take into account the age of the students, the timeframe of employment, particularly the topic and so on.

employment should begin with the introduction, in which participants are given information about its objectives, the basic rules and laws.

The main part of it is recommended to include no more than two jobs.And the first will be used for heating.Basic exercises you need to consider very carefully so that it optimally solves the lesson goals and objectives.

Conclusion recommended in the form of reflection, each student was able to realize what he had learned new skills which formed.