What will be the Russian nuclear submarines of the fourth generation

Not long ago, the US Defense Department issued a statement that in the case of non-nuclear global conflict of the Navy will be able to detect and eliminate all nuclear submarines in Russia for 15-20 days.Leave out the political meaning of this statement, and the hypothetical nature of the situation, one should pay attention to the time-limit for the task.To bring in martial status rocket requires disproportionately less time, measured in minutes, therefore, the argument about the possibilities of US NAVY is purely theoretical.

entire submarine fleet of the Russian Federation today (according to published data) consists of about six dozen military vehicles of various tonnage, destination and type of power plant.Since the service life of ships measured in decades, most of them built during the Soviet years.

basis of the defense of our country is a nuclear triad comprising it RVSN, distant bombers and nuclear submarines in Russia.This division is conditional, based on ballistic missiles, ships, and aircraft carriers winged steel.

important role in maritime strategy to play the Northern and Pacific fleets.This is due to the possibility of virtually unlimited access to the any part of the world's oceans.They are all part of Project 667 submarines, which are the basis of strategic sea-based nuclear forces of the Russian Federation.

Nuclear submarines Russia share in its purpose to:

  • missile ballistic delivery means (15 pcs.);
  • carriers of cruise missiles (9 pcs.);
  • carriers with torpedoes spetszaryadom (12 pcs.);
  • special submarines (7 pcs.).

Combat Duty carry submarine "Shark" (pr. 941) - the world's largest submarines.

New Russian nuclear submarine "Yury Dolgoruky" (pr. "Northwind", number 955 displacement of 24 thousand. M.) Equipped with modern missile "Bulava-M", as well as modernized "Dmitry Donskoy".Both ships are the foundation of the series.Thus, the nuclear submarine "Vladimir Monomakh", "Alexander Nevsky" and five other ships of the project 955 are scheduled to be introduced into the Northern Fleet in the next couple of years.The main feature of this series is its low noise and special coatings antigidroakusticheskih greatly complicating detection sonar.

Other modern nuclear submarines Russia presented the project "Ash" (855).The first of five "Severodvinsk", incorporated in 1993, has a displacement of 14 thousand. T. Speed ​​- 31 knots underwater (submarine moving faster immersion).The main weapon of the ships of the project - high-speed missile-torpedoes.

Today, the main force of the submarine fleet constitute the boats of the "Shark" (pr. 941), "Squid" (pr. 667 BDR), "Dolphin" (pr. 667 BDRM), "Antey" (pr. 949A) and"Pike-B '(ave. 971).Rumors spread by NATO representatives that they are easy to find, somewhat exaggerated.Sometimes they come up specifically in the areas of anti-North Atlantic Fleet exercises to show their ability to ensure secrecy.

However, to replace this Soviet technology in the next decade will come new Russian nuclear submarines of the fourth generation of class "Ash" and "Northwind".Update inevitable.