The benefits of buying a home near Kiev

cherry - town district subordinate Kiev Svyatoshinsky area, worthy of an industrial and cultural center in the Kiev region.With all the available suburban satellite town of Kiev Cherry - the closest.The Cherry has four schools, about two dozen sports clubs, two dance schools and art house, where the children have free access to circles of soft toys, painting and embroidery.Works "elite" kindergarten, school development for children, as well as foreign language school "Erudite", courses in foreign language, adult and children's libraries.In general, the town is quite attractive and suitable for life with beautiful landscaped nature, quiet, compact, affordable housing and transportation.In short, the benefits of buying an apartment in Cherry obvious.

New modern apartment complexes have a number of advantages, namely:

- modern architecture complexes with impeccable panoramic views;

- very good location;

- high quality of buildings;

- reliability, provided by the developer;

- profitable and competitive prices that start from 7400grn / m;

- fully completed the construction of the complexes through the State Mortgage Institution:

- housing with the help of the Fund's financing of the construction is the most reliable way of investing money in such industries as real estate;

- developers offer unique conditions of crediting.The loan term can be up to 25 years from 12% per annum;

- also provided a wide range of planning decisions.The flat can begin with 36.9 m and reach 130kv.m;

- initial payment for an apartment is 10% of the total cost.

buy property in Kiev today generally very prestigious and popular.Cherry City - is a modern city, which is next to the political, cultural and social center of Ukraine - Kiev.Undoubtedly, there is an active construction of new housing going on, and the number is constantly increasing novovozvedennyh facilities.New suburb of fact - this is the most modern houses and residential complexes, which is equipped with everything necessary for a dynamic life of citizens.As a rule, high-quality and luxury buildings also have the internal infrastructure facilities, as modern residential complexes should be multi-functional, with the presence of infrastructure, which will provide you with everything you need: sports complexes, restaurants and cafes, children's health center, beauty shops, pharmacies, supermarkets,objects of consumer services and boutiques.All this will allow you to anywhere without going far from home always have on hand all kinds of creature comforts.It is for this reason, the purchase of apartments in new buildings is today a huge advantage over the purchase of housing secondary market in conventional homes.Such a purchase would be a good and, most importantly, profitable solution for you and your family to live in the heart of the country.