Not born greedy, greedy get

Mama Koli, a pretty blue-eyed boy of four years old, admitted: "I absolutely can not in any way deal with Nicky.Since the birth of the boy in no way denied, but does not want to share in any!Rests: "I will not give," and do anything about it is not possible.We scolded him and tried to persuade even called greedy.In response, the only tears or tantrums.

Classes psychologist suggested Kole next game, which successfully managed a hypothetical greedy.The doctor suggested that the boy choose from a number of his toys and things, those who, in his opinion, can not be taken, and to lay down separate those whom he is willing to share with her.As a result, the patient was able to find a small book that he was not sorry to offer, and they finished reading the joint session.

small child feels and knows himself, and sometimes evaluates through the knowledge that he draws from the surrounding world.In a broad concept includes not only close friends but also clothes, toys, everything that surrounds crumbs.Features contribute to the child's mind, he sees all these things not as separate, but as an extension of themselves.And try to remember your feelings when your kid was very small.The first instinctive feelings when someone very close to you take him in her arms, was a protest: "Do not touch.Put into place.This is my baby. "This is a completely natural instinct to protect the baby, and it stems from the fact that my mother feels her newborn child as part of themselves.The same thing is happening with your child.If he has someone wants to take important and valuable it is for a gross violation of his world.For him, the subject of the impact is not just the machine, or a doll for children's mind is tantamount to the desire to take away his finger or ear.Yes, do not be surprised.This adult continuing its persuasions, insists, then the child's mind a thought: "If he wants me to give mine, then perhaps he loves younger brother Eugene, or a neighbor girl Nastya."

Do not think that greed - is innate and natural quality.The formation of greed, tends to encourage the wrong behavior of adults, based primarily on the lack of understanding of the needs and desires of the baby.Under the pressure of censure adult baby begins to feel bad, but the reasons he did not understand the charges.It can even give a toy to another child required to earn the praise of parents.But will this action a pedagogical effect ?!The so-called children's greed - is a manifestation of territorial instinct.His baby toys like the other defines and demonstrates the boundaries themselves.At the same time, not necessarily with all the toys he will play in this particular point, for example, we are all faced with a situation where the baby in the sandbox decompose their molds and with them not playing, but to touch them is strictly prohibited.

How to be parents?

* Acknowledge the child's rightful owner of his toys.Asking play any toy or item, we are not only trying to wean the baby from the "greed", we support very important for the child's sense of self-worth.This lack of self-worth feeling of pushing a child on an unconscious level, to disease, to the manifestation of greed and aggressive behavior.

* If you want to encourage a child who shares with you the things that do not praise it in the abstract, "What you're done!", Better say, "I'm so glad that you have learned to share" or "Did you see how nice to give someone-What joy ?! ยป

* Try to play with the kid in the role play or act out scenes with the characters of puppet theater in which the characters are eager to share with each other.

* If you see that the baby "zazhadnichal" not to get involved in the scene emotionally.Do not pay attention to the reaction of neighbors or friends in the sandbox, just quietly collect a child's toy in the bag, take him by the hand and go to the side of the house, and when you feel that the child has calmed down, you can discuss the situation.

* Normally greed sharpened spikes tend to occur at the most inappropriate circumstances.For example, this often happens when the guests arrive.To avoid possible conflicts, you can discuss in advance with the baby, what toys or things he considers "untouchable" to outsiders, and hide them in the visit friends or relatives.Be sure to discuss those toys or books that can be played.Finally play with your child with toys allowed to once again secure them in his memory.

Is there any prevention of sudden outbursts of feelings of possessiveness?You probably prohibit child draw on the wallpaper, or blamed for toys scattered everywhere.If we translate these effects on your children's language, you will not allow the child to expand the boundaries of their own space.If a baby has little opportunity to express themselves, there is no area in which it can play on your own, with the infamous "Do not give" you'll meet often.Try to allow your child to paint everywhere.This does not mean that in a month you will have to make repairs in the apartment.It can be attached to the wall sheets or primagnichivat them to the refrigerator.The most successful young artist works then you can hang throughout the apartment, which will also lead to an increase in self-esteem and feelings of self-worth your baby.Interesting fun can become a painting finger paints, they are non-toxic, and made specifically for drawing hands.You can make a clear imprint little palm.You can circle the palm along the contour with a pencil, and then paint with colored paints.Just do not forget podstelit oilcloth or newspaper, and baby wear the apron, so that the game is not over sorrow and long cleaning.After graduating with a toddler classes distribute responsibilities for workplace cleaning.

for caring and attentive parents is very important not to forget that strange or wrong with the adult point of view, the behavior of the baby - it's just a signal for help, which must be properly decipher.This will help you to be sure your love for crumbs!

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