Take a loan from Sberbank cash pensioner

If the potential borrower to become a question of obtaining credit loan, there is no better option than treatment in the Savings Bank.There always will meet and help you choose the best loan program to obtain the necessary advice on the terms of the loan and the interest rate.Why are encouraged to contact the Savings Bank of Russia?Everything is explained simply enough: it is the government, and everything in it is transparent.Initially, the borrower held a conversation in which every moment is stipulated in the design and delivery of credit loan.To take out a loan from Sberbank cash required to make an application, the order, which will be considered banking organization within 48 hours.This will not be charged any commission of the bank at the time of any paperwork or when you make a credit loan.

Bank products Savings Bank

As the largest bank and having the largest assets in the Russian Federation, it offers consumers to take advantage of any opportunities, one of which - to borrow from the Savings Bank.It is enough to have available a standard package of documents.

will be necessary to submit a certificate of wages, which indicates income for the last six months.The sight of the loan will depend on the decision of the banking organization, which will be made within 3-18 days.It is also proposed to issue a loan from Sberbank.The meaning of this banking product that will be a guarantee of payment of acquired property, which automatically becomes a guarantee.

take the credit in the Savings Bank cash pensioner

Along with the working population, to take the credit in the Savings Bank cash can a citizen of retirement age.The only condition is age-limit, which shall not exceed 75 years.For this category of population offer the following lending options:

• obtain a loan from Sberbank cash pensioner can not guarantee and ensure, if at the time of repayment of the loan of the borrower's age does not go abroad in 65 years;

• if it will exceed the age of 65 years, the bank will provide a guarantee: it will be a collateral or guarantors view.

of the amount that a pensioner wants to take in the Savings Bank, will depend on the package of documents submitted.Borrowers who receive a pension through the bank said, will be enough to give his passport.The time necessary for the consideration of this application - 2 days.If the pensioner has extra income, he will have to provide proof of their income on Form 2-PIT or PIT-3 Declaration.If you take a loan from Sberbank in cash, its repayment will be made in equal monthly installments.As for the running of the borrower, pensioner given the opportunity of early repayment of the credit loan, with no commission.The big advantage, in addition to low interest rates, enjoys one who wants to take a loan from Sberbank in cash, if the pension is held monthly transfer to the account opened in the department.