Product franchises in the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe.It is interesting to observe the development of franchising in the country of the world.This allows you to get a new experience, new knowledge necessary for the successful development of its own project in the Russian reality.

Despite the fact that Czech companies are not very active in promoting its franchise in Russia - can be noted franchise restaurant chain "Pilsner.Czech beer ", a franchise restaurant chain" Kozlovice.Czech beer "and a franchise of natural cosmeticsĀ« Botanicus Ā», however, the Czech Republic is interesting primarily as a barometer that determines the mood of the largest companies around the world engaged in the development of the franchise model.Logically, on the basis of geographical characteristics that franchayzodatel, putting the task on the active market development in Eastern Europe, it is starting to make the first steps here.Very often, this country has become a testing ground, which allows to determine the strategy and tactics of behavior and create a springboard for further action.

If the Czech Republic, a new franchise by the foreign company, then in the near future with a very high probability we will see this company in Russia.Pan-European recession negatively affected the Czech economy.The country is experiencing the biggest recession in the past few decades.Income of the population decline, purchasing power falls.However, a number of international companies are planning to in the near future yield on the Czech market.

most active are companies involved in the fast fudami.It is worth noting that such a network, like McDonalds and KFC for decades represented in the Czech Republic.Their business is quite successful.

Wave logical that American network and other companies want to enter this market.For example, a chain of restaurants for the whole family - Chuck E. Cheese's, in the near future to fill a catalog of franchises represented in the Czech Republic..In the United States currently has more than 500 restaurants operating under this brand.In addition, the network is represented in Canada, Guatemala, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Mexico.It is the turn of the Czech Republic.

distinctive feature of Chuck E. Cheese's is the design of the premises, which resembles a large amusement park and not the institution catering.Here you can climb the wall, take a ride on a small train, to do with video games.

restaurant chain Dairy Queen (USA) has not yet been introduced in Europe, but is actively involved in the search for a strategic partner in the Czech Republic.So, getting the company to the catalog of franchises represented in this country, the question of practical solutions.According to the signs, it will take quite some time and in Russia will be opening the first restaurant will franchised Dairy Queen.

For 2012 the franchising industry in the Czech Republic showed an increase of 22%.At the same time the country has come a lot of new companies at the national level.Along with the caterer presented medical services, educational services, clothing stores, real estate and retail trade.

similar picture in the near future can be seen in Russia.It is obvious that Russian companies are engaged in the development of algorithms using the franchise, it is necessary to take active steps to increase the market share in order to have sufficient resources to compete.

By the way, in the Czech Republic, local companies successfully opposed to foreign players.Up to 60% of the market rests with the national players.

All analysts agree that the franchise market in the Czech Republic will continue to actively grow.A similar trend can be observed in the Russian market.In the near future we can expect the emergence in Russia of new major franchise brands.