IL-476: technical characteristics, fuel consumption, photos

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Aircraft in our country has deep roots and a very glorious history.Especially offensive to watch as currently Russian aircraft often tightly dependent on foreign suppliers.Fortunately, in recent years it has also been taken in the course of the long-awaited full import substitution.But once there was a problem creating your own transport aircraft.

Until recently this work was carried out jointly with the Ukrainian CB "Antonov" but to carry on with these companies business is becoming increasingly difficult.Among other things, the Russian military did not like the attitude of the Ukrainian side to the supply and development.Simply put, for almost ten years, "Antonov" and could not offer anything new.

Shortly thereafter, our government has given the official start of its own program, the result of which should be a completely new transport plane domestic production of IL-476.Now the work on its creation is in full swing.

Modernization and other aspects

known that the backbone of the military and civil transport aircraft in our country was the old Il-76, which was inherited from the Soviet Union.The first aircraft of this class nominally flew on May 5, 1973.Production was carried out for a long time at the Tashkent aircraft plant.Production history consists of about 40 years.Total managed to collect about a thousand of these machines, and about a hundred of them were sent for export.

But today's realities suggest the creation of largely different machines, more spacious, with increased flight range.In fact, back in 1989, immediately after the campaign in Afghanistan, the Soviet leadership finally confirmed the opinion of the need to manufacture such aircraft.In general, to start production of the modernized aircraft was quite real, because at about the same time, the factory has been adjusted production of new, fuel-efficient engines PS-90A.But while in Tashkent to establish their release and failed.

Replacement critical systems

So what distinguishes the new IL-476?Many.First of all, experts almost completely replaced the wing.Were installed the latest engines PS-90A-76.Their Rod 500 is 14 kgf (cruising), and higher efficiency by 12-15%.With this range has improved once to five thousand kilometers.And what is the IL-476 fuel?It is 0.59 kg / kg * h, which is significantly smaller than previous machines.

Crew of five people.Capacity of the new variant is estimated to be 60 tons, which can significantly save fuel and financial resources to carry more cargo with fewer flights.

in flight with comfort!

In our country, a new IL-476 was the first military transport aircraft, which provides a sane level of comfort for the crew in flight.So, here there is a full wash basin and toilet.Agree that the maximum range of flight in five thousand kilometers, these details are of great importance!

toilet placed in a special sealed room, which is located in the nose compartment of the plane.The volume of the built-in tank for biological waste is 28 liters.In principle, this should be enough for one flight, to meet the needs of the crew and a few paratroopers.Since the double-deck modification of the Il-476 (which has a photo in the article) can carry up to a hundred paratroopers, can be installed and two additional tanks of 80 liters each.

Immediately before dropping the use of toilet facilities will not be available as on the rules at this time is strictly forbidden to unbutton fixing suit.But with long-haul flights (in the conduct of military exercises or actual combat operations) the importance of this innovation is difficult to overestimate.In this case, it will be possible to use the toilet at all times except during a flight climb and landing.

Though "toilet" theme and looks for the first kind of serious, Airborne veterans remember that sometimes had to endure for days.On the men's health is often reflected very negatively, and therefore the initiative of Russian aircraft manufacturers in this field is worthy of all praise.

Ecology - first and foremost!

In accordance with the requirements of recent years, much work has been done in the area of ​​noise reduction and emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.As a result, the IL-476 complies with the latest ICAO standards.This immediately allowed to "open sky" new aircraft not only in almost all domestic routes, but also in the European direction.Brussels has long been critical of our aircraft for the high level of noise pollution, but now this problem has been completely eliminated.

Oddly enough, but even the events of the 90s at the time could only slow down the development of the project, but did not stop it.In the early 2000s, the new government decided to dramatically speed up the work on the new aircraft.Already in early 2007 we began the preparatory work for the start of series production aircraft in Ulyanovsk.

main technical characteristics of the machine



Range, km


«ceiling" height meters


crew man


Capacity, tons


number of passengers (including paratroopers), a person


maximum speed, km / h


Aircraft length, m


Wingspan, m


Empty weight, tons


maximum takeoff weight, tons

210 (in fact - 195)

Future plans

planned that in 2020 the Ministry of Defence will receive no less than 39 new aircraft IL-476.Recently, pilots say that it is planned to carry out flights to constantly upgrade the machine Il-76MD-90A, which will eventually identify and eliminate all possible defects in the structure.Alas, the IL-476 still has some problems that he inherited from the previous model.Before the start of serial production of their need to identify and eliminate mandatory.

supply engines

reported that at the moment are preparing to supply at least 156 PS-90A-76, which are designed for installation on new aircraft.The cost of the contract (according to last year) exceeds the mark of one billion US dollars.Their systematic deliveries were to begin in the last year.Apparently, everything went exactly according to schedule.

design and assembly of engines was conducted at the Perm Engine Plant, which is almost since its foundation cooperates with the aviation industry and army structures.Simply put, this manufacturer is well aware of the specific conditions that must steadfastly resist all its products.

stability and handling!

should know that the predecessor of the new car, the plane Il-76MD-90A first flew only two years ago.The cabin was very experienced crew, commanded that the Hero of Russia Nikolai Kuimov.In the air, the plane was exactly 1 hour 55 minutes.The commander acknowledged that the new machine offers an excellent directional stability, its handling did not have absolutely no complaints.

In October of the same year, the plane was first demonstrated to the President of Russia, VladimirPutin.On the same day, and was signed by the largest at the time the contract between the producer and the Ministry of Defence, under which up to 2020 the army should get exactly 39 Il-476, whose characteristics are very impressed with the military.The contract value amounted to exactly 140 billion rubles.A big gift for the domestic industry, which in previous years the authorities did not indulge large orders!

first flight tests

first Il-476 was a full-scale flight tests last year.According to their results the machine was recognized as fully compliant with all the requirements of the customer.Further testing and debugging are carried out at the site, owned by "Ila".In the summer of 2013 the new flagship of the domestic cargo aircraft for the first time appeared before the foreign customers.It happened on the famous MAKS.

In June last year, the first Il-476, the characteristics of which are listed in this article, was finally rolled out of the hangar to the assembly.He was tested wing box and center section for their complete seal (using fuel).After that, the plane went almost ready for painting.Here on it and something worth looking in more detail, as this process has been seriously adapted to the new Russian plane.

Information about the color of the fuselage

fact that for the first time in the history of Russian aircraft have been used enamel domestic ET-69 and ET-71-type polyurethane.The paint is specially developed by a research institute (Aircraft Materials) specifically for IL-476.Production produces not glossy (traditionally used to dye), and matte paint.

It is better distributed over the fuselage that improves the properties of the material for the protection of the body from aggressive chemicals.Furthermore, the dye hardly abraded.Since transport workers often have to fly in extremely difficult conditions, to overestimate the importance of such innovation possible.

about "pedigree»

first plane was not only paint, which was approved at the Ministry of Defense, but also own the name "Ulyanovsk".The city's name and coat of arms were specially applied directly on the nose of the car.All subsequent aircraft of this series is planned to assign names to those great men, which is home to the Ulyanovsk region.

What is different from its predecessor?Opinion test pilot

New IL-476, the characteristics of which are painted in detail in this article is intended for transportation of a variety of goods for civilian and military purposes, and for transporting assault weapons, including self-propelled vehicles and light infantry fighting vehicles.Structurally, it provided an opportunity to take on board within fifteen hundred troops.

modern flight and navigation equipment ("glass cockpit") can dramatically reduce the load on the crew, significantly expands the visibility and ensures a high flight safety.In the workplace, there is a personal navigator Indication panel, which displays the most important flight data in real time.

Oleg Ganovich, which is a professional test pilot, so telling about the differences between Ukrainian freighter An-70 and Il-476: "In the run-up the new engines provide excellent acceleration, also hit a new mechanism for the reverse, whereby after landing speed can pay off much faster.I liked the new indicators that show the rate of climb ... Pilots and engineers of today have their own flight indicators that help a lot faster to make a decision, even in difficult situations. "


Simply put, the new transport aircraft IL-476 helps his crew will receive and read the flight and navigation information.The spatial position of the new generation aircraft can be quickly and almost without error to determine in any weather, on the way over all types of terrain.In the previous machine it all worked exclusively co-driver, the load on which sometimes grew enormously.

Who cabin IL-476 (there are photos in the article) has so many indicators that this information is available to any pilot, being deprived of the need to be distracted by negotiations with the navigator.

All work on the domestic plane was held exclusively in electronic form, on the latest computer equipment and special programs.All this has allowed to minimize the chance of design errors and mistakes.In general, the old equipment, which is still used in domestic aviation, many new parts for this aircraft design and manufacture is simply unrealistic.

The current state of the manufacturing plant

Currently, the development of the enterprise "Aviastar-SP", on which the new aircraft will be mass-produced, is skyrocketing.It is reported that today in assembly hangars there are at least 13 vehicles in various stages of assembly.The government has set a target to bring the issue of a minimum of 18 aircraft per year.Besides repeatedly mentioned 39 aircraft for the army, the military still want to order at least 50 cars.

In addition, interest in the new technique shown by representatives of Ministry of Emergency Situations that are already planning to buy about six aircraft.As representatives of the plant is planned to purchase and some departments of the FSB and the Interior Ministry, as well as a number of foreign customers.

addition, the factory has a complete set and repair of An-124-100 "Ruslan", which in our country is still a lot.Small amounts are made Tu-204SM.It is also planned to expand the capacity of the plant production of new MS-21.Simply put, the factory orders to date enough.I am glad that most of them will strengthen our country's defense.