Name and future

name is part of the culture and history of the people.It has a meaning, defines the character of its wearer, carries information about historical events.

Along with the character and fate, the name defines the profession - in what field of person to be able to build a successful career.On the connection with a trade name is well known for a long time.

Even in medieval Europe, where activity is often inherited, among the peasants and artisans were the most common names of some, and among traders - other.In pre-revolutionary Russian peasants often called his sons Ivan and Vasily, and officials - Nicholas and Alexandra.

In today's world, the profession is not inherited - professional dynasty now uncommon.However, the nature of man, his penchant for a particular activity, the ability to communicate with people, the ability to take responsibility is largely determined by what name he received at birth.

name affects the activity of a person can engage in the most successful.To a large part of life that we spend at work, was not wasted time, it is necessary that the profession and character match.Therefore, when choosing the best field of activity into account their individual characteristics.

However, a person is not completely free to choose - the choice is happening well before it reaches the age of reason.Parents giving their child a name, largely determine its development, its destiny, and then what profession he would be able to do in the future.Parents often name their children intuitively, without thinking about what is the name of which character is typical for its carriers, which field of activity is best suited.

In many cases, the name chosen before birth, when nothing can be said about his character and temperament.The analysis makes it possible to reveal the name of the main properties of the child's personality, which subsequently can be developed by creating the necessary conditions.Thus, the information contained in the name, determines who will be the people.

name defines the character traits that can help or hinder the achievement of goals and career growth.So, a man with the name of Alexander peculiar tenacity and self-confidence combined with the politeness and friendliness, Alexander could be a good leader.And, for example, Eugene usually hardworking, but barely overcomes the obstacles encountered may be a good performer, but is unlikely to be able to effectively lead.

giving the name of the girl, it is useful to remember that the "male" names (eg, Valeria, Alexander) is added to the character of the masculine qualities.The woman with the same name can easily build a successful career, but her family life can not be completely happy.On the contrary, the owner of a typical female name (eg, Maria Julia) is likely to be successful in marriage, and professional implementation may be less successful for her.

Every parent wants his child to be successful in life, including in their profession.Of course, not everything depends on the parents, but to increase the probability of success can be, if you carefully consider the choice of name for his child.When deciding what to call the child, you must know the values ​​of the most common names, and also remember that there are happy and unhappy names.It is believed that the name of that great man was wearing, leaving a good memory, she is happy.

In addition, the names of the saints are considered to be happy.For example, happy male names are: Alexander (back), Anatoli (bottom-up), Alex (defender), Ivan (God's grace), Igor (warrior), Michael (equal to God), Maximus (greatest), Nicholas (winner of Peoples)Oleg (sacred), Sergey (high), and women - Anna (merciful), Anastasia (resurrected), Catherine (net), Ludmila (lovely people), Olga (holy), Julia (wavy).

enormous variety of names - some of them are as simple, common names, as well as rare and even discordant.Naming your child, you must remember that the name of a rare, long and complicated, dissonant, borrowed from an alien culture or invented on their own can become a human failure.

exotic name easily distorted in speech and writing, it sounds strange.A man with an unusual name in any group is somewhat isolated, it does not contribute to the growth of successful career.These names are, for example, traditional Russian, but uncomfortable and Yakima Sysoy started at the beginning of the twentieth century Dognat, Oktiabrina, Revmir and English-speaking, Charles, Richard, John.

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