Commercial offer as a way of advertising

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the commercial offer (KP) is an effective method of promoting products and services, then there is a certain kind of advertising.The offer prepared in accordance with all the modern criteria there is nothing but a form of advertising text.Of course, reflect the basic idea offers - the obligation of the marketing department, not advertising.However, the development of the text that can really generate interest potential customers vivid content, of course, it's only for an experienced copywriter who is able to create a vivid advertisement.

What is the main purpose of the offer?

conclusion of the transaction with a potential client, whether it is a company or an individual consumer, is the final desired result, to achieve which amounts to an offer.Thus, absolutely identical purpose manual purposes any other type of advertising.

Consequently, the requirements that apply to the ad text, and can be applied to the commercial offer:

  • appeal to specific target audiences - iethe same group of consumers, which is guided the company in its activity
  • main task header to convey the basic idea of ​​posts, interest and carry the informative component of the message
  • text should not be too cumbersome
  • contents of the text should be easy to remember
  • Requiredfocus on the uniqueness of the special offers and benefits associated with it

The offer must satisfy the basic tasks of any kind of advertising.

  • Firstly, to attract attention and arouse the interest of the recipient
  • Secondly, motivate accept the offer
  • Third, to give impetus to concrete action

distinctive feature of the offer is the availability of a particular destination.In most cases, it is addressed directly to the leadership of the organization, or employee of any of the structural unit capable of making decisions.This feature can be used to advantage in the preparation of the offer.In particular, it can be isolated moments of having direct relevance to the organization for which you send a message.It is also possible mention of the reasons for your desire to work with this organization.

But not all business proposals are specific recipient.There are proposals aimed at a wider audience, without a specific personalization.In this case, you should resort to all sorts of methods to help improve attention to your offer to potential customers.

It can be:

  • photos and high quality images that demonstrate the products offered
  • interesting comments to photos
  • presentation illustrating the essence of manual
  • split the text into paragraphs, use subtitles
  • unacceptable use of excessive exaggeration
  • avoid using too long and complex sentences, which adversely affect the storage of the essence of the message
  • moderate use of hyperlinks, otherwise your proposal can be taken as spam

The company's slogan is usually placed at the end of the text.Typically, it is used to summarize all proposals and specific calls to action.In the absence of the company slogan it can perform the function of a bright, interesting entry-summary.

integral part of the proposal are also contact details by which the buyer will be able to ask all their questions, as well as the coordinates of the places where it will be able to buy your favorite products.

Another difference of the offer to other types of advertising text - it is a signature company representative authorized to speak with the business proposals and conduct negotiations.

When sending manual e-mail often use a file attachment.In this case, do not forget to place the summary in the text of the letter, again to ensure that the message is not put in junk.

Constant monitoring of the performance distribution, in order to achieve the expected results.

Remember!Written in line with all the recommendations of quotation - effective way to increase sales and the best advertising any company!