Far East Animals: rare birds

Far East - this is the most remote regions of Russia, which has quite a harsh climate.Ussuri taiga - a unique natural heritage on its territory grow more than 400 species of trees (among them the Korean oak).They live here and many are endemic, ie found nowhere else in the world fauna.Animals Russian Far East are interesting and unique, many of their species are listed as endangered.

Amur leopard

Amur (Far Eastern) leopard found the rarest wild cat in the world.Endangered kind of extraordinarily beautiful.Now free live about 30 species of Amur leopard in the zoo - about a hundred (and all from a single male).In Korea these wonderful leopards completely exterminated in China, they are found in isolated cases.Rather, it is coming from the Russian territory of the individual.Many animals of the Far East are on the verge of extinction, like the Amur leopard.They represent a threat to not only the poachers and forest fires, reducing the amount of food.

Ussuri tiger

Ussuri (Amur) tiger - the world's largest cat.The male in the prime of life has a weight of 300 kg.It is a strong and powerful animal.Weight tiger did not prevent him from being a great hunter and move through the reeds, without making the slightest rustle.He hunts elk, wild boar, deer, hares, can attack even on a medium-sized bear.

Animals Far East tremble at night, hearing his formidable and mighty roar.The female tiger gives birth to two or three cubs, which stay with her to three years, learning the basics of the art of hunting.This fed their mother's milk the cubs only up to six months.

Animals Far East Asiatic black bear

This predator is much smaller than its close relative - a brown bear.That is why the first is trying not to meet on the narrow paths of the second.But the Asiatic black bear is very handsome, his black hair glistens and shimmers in the sun, and his chest is decorated with a white spot.How many animals of the Far East, Bear loves to feast on acorns, nuts and roots.After working up an impressive stock of fat over the summer, the animal is placed into hibernation in the cozy large hollow cedar, pine or oak.Hibernation lasts for five months.In February, the bear gives birth to cubs, which stay with it until next fall.

Nature of the Far East is beautiful and unique.It is necessary to make every effort to preserve it for our descendants!