Lake Ukraine - an alternative to all the seas

Even when the crisis broke out, even if you can not go to the sea, even if these seas left in Ukraine practically nothing, you can finally fulfill his long-cherished dream of a relaxing holiday on a quiet lake.And they, those days spent on the pond is not quite familiar, may prove to be the best vacation ...

Lake Ukraine - it is not just fishing and tent.Many of them are furnished in the latest fashion tourism: Coast with comfortable bungalows, and the all-season and houses, with a protected area, with parking lots, a full "sea" set of entertainment, from jet skis to parasailing.

And you are no storms in the seven points, no sellers maize crosses beachgoers, and other troubles of the exotic.

No, really, and curiosities - large shells, sea fish fried, smoked and dried, and is not found alive, too.But if someone has become boring monotonous vacation on the seas, you can easily change it.Lake Ukraine - is unusual and picturesque.

What to do at the lake?

same as on any body of water - first dive, sunbathe and then go explore the area.Lowland lakes and rivers of Ukraine give a wonderful feeling of space and tranquility.The majestic Dnieper with a lot of Zaplana, lakes and Ozerets becomes a whole unknown world for the traveler.

Going to the Dnepr or Dnipro, no harm will be to bring a small inflatable boat - to explore every nook and cranny of the river, and life is not enough, but some of them have long been discovered by fishermen and hunters.You can simply pass their route in the hope of booty.Soma or wild duck procure guaranteed.

Mountain lake in Ukraine - a special world, lost in the woods and legends.What is just and what to see or just not hear!

Dragobratskoe Lake, for example, like a turquoise eye of some beauty to the meadows.Because of him and tell legends: formed as a result of the fact that one girl always carried a mirror in it and constantly admired.Having gone into the forest to fetch wood, she took the habit is your favorite thing, but accidentally dropped.Now this place a wonderful lake - quiet, peaceful, with gently sloping shores, overgrown with grass.

Near the pond, on the slopes, grow edelweiss, which we can only admire how, in fact, everything here - the territory reserved.

The largest of the lakes Ukrainian

largest lake located in Ukraine in the Odessa region.Nature generous, it knows no borders, so the right of the pond was divided two neighboring countries.Also in Ukraine, Ialpug takes another Moldovan land.

Can I rest here, and whether it is expedient if the sea - a stone's throw?Many people like to combine several types of recreation, moving away from the lake to the coast.

With specific regard Ialpug, the pond can be very please fans of crayfish for beer.It is found that a lot of living creatures, as the muddy bottom of the reservoir.Crayfish live in the lake and the whole colonies, if not afraid to get dirty and scratched, they can be to coach a big company.

shallow lake - the average depth is about two meters, but quite a lot.The area of ​​water surface - 15 x 39 km.

Country?No, lake

one of the 25 lakes in the Danube is quite a strange name - China.Why is it so named murky secrets.But there is an unofficial version polushutochnaya by fishermen in the lake vodilos as much fish as people in China.

Now fish are not so many, but the lake is still popular among fans of fishing: pike, perch, rudd and rybitsu in its waters to catch the easy - they are not even enough for one generation of fishermen.

China Lake consists of two Flatwater beaches as there are none - is interesting to spend time only anglers.And

name milozvuchnye, themselves handsome

Ivor, Svityaz, Shatsky ... This is not no noble brands and names - is the so-called lake of Ukraine.

Ivor - a small lake that capture the imagination magical beauty.Located in the valley of two mountains, one of which is called Bliznitsa (with her, according to the legend, fell twins, laid claim to one flower for his girlfriend).The lake is always warm, as it is fed hot springs, beaches pond overgrown with reeds, with mountain peaks offer great views.

Svitiaz called Ukrainian Baikal.The resulting melting of glaciers and supported by artesian springs over thousands of years, the lake on the territory of Volyn region is considered one of the largest reservoirs of Ukraine.In size, it is second only to the famous Danube lakes, estuaries.Svitiaz has a special feature - the lake never argues with the weather: on sunny days the water surprises with its crystal clarity, in bad weather a mirror pond becomes almost black.

Svitiaz and Shatsky - one group

Lake Svityaz all perceive as a separate body of water, although it is part of a group of popular Shatskikh.All 30 - Ukraine's largest lake, situated in a wooded area, very comfortable for a summer vacation.The shores of the lakes Shatskikh flat, low, covered with fine sand, they say, the best alternative to the sea and come up with is impossible.

Visiting Shatsky lakes, and you can set aside time to devote himself to the study of flora and fauna.It's not just fish (although some specimens can plunge into a pleasant shock: there are pike, carp, foreleokun), but also an abundance of forest vegetation, and on the banks - nesting ducks and swans.

About Sinevir - separately

How to know what more in this lake - legend or truth, beauty or untwisted?All these concepts are interrelated, since one has generated more ... But what Sinevir popular - is indisputable.Everyone rides on its shores for something to his plunge into the Carpathian natural beauty or take a dip in the legend;swim or just to compare what this lake better than others.

Rivers and Lakes of Ukraine, located in the mountains, nature is unpredictable and thus more interesting.

Synevyrska depth, for example, is not constant and depends on rainfall.Yet it is unique for its location - 989 meters above sea level, and the time of its formation - more than 10 million years ago.Waters called sea eye because it perfectly visible from a bird's flight.See it does not interfere, even secular Smereka - trees make way to the birds, the stars of flights and passengers were able to see the pearl of the Carpathians, but travelers still capture the fact: "Yes.This is it - an amazing lake Synevir! »

Ukraine is rich in sights - both architectural and natural.But to see all this beauty, it is necessary to break away from the computer and go on a trip.Pleasant and useful rest!