Convenient ways to replenish card Sberbank

Most people in Russian cities are already using various means of electronic payments, but few know how to fill up a card.Savings Bank - one of the largest financial organizations in Russia - offers several convenient ways to carry out this operation.Withdraw money from their credit card or a plastic can even retirees.After all, it is enough to go to the nearest branch of the bank or look for one of the many ATMs.If you need to top up the card of the Savings Bank itself, or some other person, you can resort to one of the methods described

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For modern people spend a lot of time on the computer at home or in the office, there is a specialthe ability to carry out the operation from his personal account.If money needs to be translated to the current bank customers simply use the service "Sberbank-line."However, for this operation, you need to connect the service, but then you can not worry about how to recharge the card.Savings Bank provides the opportunity to dispose of their funds on current accounts and deposits of the organization, as well as transfer money to the card any natural or legal persons.

We use ATM

How to recharge the card through the terminal Sberbank know almost everything.You do not need to go to a branch of this bank financial institution, is sufficient to find a regular ATM.These devices can now be found everywhere: in stores, various institutions and on the streets.Actions simple:

  • need to insert the card into the hole of the ATM;
  • enter a PIN;
  • further select the "Cash-in";
  • make the required amount and take the check.

noteworthy that the transfer of funds for balance occurs within 1-2 minutes, and sometimes instantly.And if you want to transfer money to the account of another person, how to fund the card through an ATM?Savings Bank offers the following statement:

  • after entering the PIN code is necessary to choose "Transfer";
  • in the input window number of the recipient;
  • continue the program automatically transfers the specified amount from the card account of the customer.

nearest branch

For conservatives and those who are not friends with appliances and various electronic equipment, there is a logical way.For such people are not tormented question of how to replenish the card Savings Bank offers professional assistance to their managers.To carry out such an operation will need to come to the nearest branch, taking with him a passport, the right amount of money and details of where funds will be.Normally the complete data of the recipient does not need, experienced staff will suffice Full name of the owner and the serial number of the card.

Translation from abroad

To replenish card account of Sberbank does not necessarily carry with it a piece of plastic.However, the need to know the SWIFT-code branch which issued the card and its bank details Full name and address of the owner.The whole package just need to give the information in the window and specify the amount of the transfer, the rest is given to the operator of representation of the Savings Bank, from which the payment.