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driver of the vehicle - one of the most necessary and essential occupations of modern times.If you are in search of work, pay attention to the most important issue for employment - the resume.

sample resume Driver give all the necessary tips for the upcoming labor relations.

What navigate?

Find sample resume Driver is not so difficult, the biggest problem - to understand how the information is used and what is not.In this issue should be properly filter out unnecessary information completely and existing fit under your case.

Do not forget that each case - is unique.Every person as an employee is different, unique to his abilities and skills.It is likely that you have an experience that others, and "never dreamed".

Think about what you can specify in the summary that will differentiate you from other candidates.

Your goal - to make the HR manager to pay attention to your resume on a job driver.

What if you do not know what to write about yourself?

Any summary usually contains general information.For example, just enter your name, phone number, place of residence.

Next should indicate your education, as a rule, the availability of specialized higher education for the position is not necessary.

Look for a decent sample.Resume should fully describe the quality of the future employee as well as to show interest in a man is in this company.

difference cv other

Each profession has its own specifics, and the driver is no exception.Driver belongs to the category of works syazannyh with high-risk conditions.After all, the road - always a risk, it is quite a dangerous place, where every day thousands of accidents happen, and killed many people.

Another important characteristic - the good health of the driver, so check-ups will be a regular thing for you.

Availability inquiries about their health will also be on hand to you, the prospective employer must be sure that your health will not let you.Because in the end, he will lose not only a good and qualified personnel, but may suffer losses due to loss of goods, etc.

driver - also a multi-faceted profession.For example, a summary of the personal driver must contain the necessary information about the personal qualities, because the driver will have a lot of contact with the man he will carry the city.Employer is important that the personal characteristics of the applicant for the position of the driver, along with professional, organized its maximum.

sample resume Driver

Full name .: Kurnosov Anton Petrovich

Date of birth: 03/05/1991 of

Locations: St. Petersburg street.Minsk, 7, Apt.15.

Phone: +79000000000

Education: 2013, St. Petersburg State University, an expert "mechanic" (summa cum laude).

Experience: 2013-2014 - mechanic in the service station "Mercedes", handyman.Servicing a car repair, replacement of parts, paint work.

2014-2015 - delivery driver in the company "Moving St. Petersburg."Regional and international transportation of goods and cargo.Monitoring and safeguarding of goods and accompanying documents.Maintenance of departmental vehicles.Repair, replacement of parts, repairs.

Personal skills: accident-free driving a vehicle over 10 years, excellent orientation in an unfamiliar area, good knowledge of major transport interchanges, diligence, non-conflict, fast response, careful attitude to the vehicle, no bad habits.

languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, English.

more information:

  • owning a vehicle (bus);
  • driving license categories A, B, C;
  • willingness to long trips, and the implementation of additional orders.