The average check.

Control and monitoring indicators are needed not only to large enterprises.If a small shop or HoReCa establishments planning to gain a foothold in the market and have a steady income is planned, it is necessary to keep records of such a parameter, the average check.This indicator will provide information about the depth and breadth of range, the efficiency of the sales staff.

How to calculate

average check, the formula is simple and straightforward, even the layman, even a layman easily calculated.Revenue for the given period divided by the number of checks in the same period will give the desired result.It is important to take account of inflation, changes in procurement prices and margins on goods.If the dynamics is positive, the store is working effectively, and if negative, or zero, it is necessary to seek the causes of the recession.Cashier's check in the amount can be reduced, for example, during sales.Particular attention should be paid to products that bring the most revenue, monitor the behavior of competitors with respect to these items and analyze the dynamics of their store.

Identify problems at the average check at the store and their solutions

The average check is not more than 4-5 products.Ratio checks with purchases from 1 to 3 gradually approaching 50% of total sales.The increase in turnover was less than the rate of inflation, or in the case where the increase in turnover is observed at the opening of new stores.Buyers are in a trading floor for a short time, and some departments do not attend.

need to analyze the location of both the store and departments, merchandise, sales momentum throughout the day.To analyze the structure of assortment, price, sales.Held ABC - analysis of sales, during which examines the range, identifies top-selling items, products, which lies too long, and the one that is the most profitable.Assess the need for changes in the layout of the store, when necessary to create routes on a trading hall, setting shelf talkers and hang plates with pointers for easy orientation in the store.Create or modify the planogram and, of course, to prepare special offers for their customers.

How to increase the average check

1. Increase in trade margins.If you have a unique selling proposition and the absence of direct competitors it will be the easiest and quickest solution.However, a very small number of companies can boast of such an advantage.For most products, there are analogues.Therefore, the increase in the retail price will have to raise the level of service, to improve service.This additional cost.

2. Optimization of the product range.Category Manager in conjunction with the merchandisers can review the structure of the range, the principles of procurement policy and merchandising.Occupation complex, laborious, time consuming.

Tactical ways to increase average check

1. Using the principle of complementarity.Many items, suggest the presence of additional products.This principle can be taken as a basis for the display of goods.Thus, buying a product, the buyer will pay attention to the second, supplementing the first, it is likely that it will become, and that, in turn, will increase the average check at the store.

2. Harmonisation.Use ready-made solutions, to demonstrate to customers what products and how can be combined with each other.For example, in the case of clothing on a mannequin at the buyer a desire to buy the image as a whole, rather than individual items.In this case, the average sales receipt will grow.

3. Offer to "surrender" the goods of pulse demand, which is in the checkout area.Assess whether there are in your store at the node calculation of small low-cost product that the buyer takes automatically closer to the box office.You can also duplicate the laying open fine, but a hot commodity in the center of the room, in addition to his position at the box office.

4. Availability of gift vouchers or discount cards.Close contact with corporate clients can increase sales in the holidays, as well as attract new customers.

5. Establishment of a terminal for cashless payment.Customers count credit card to spend more than the cash payment, therefore, will increase the average check.

6. Emphasize that buyers for more expensive goods.Sellers should switch the attention of buyers with cheap goods more expensive gradually.Supermarket worker must be interested in selling more expensive goods.It may be necessary to introduce financial incentives of employees in the sale of a certain amount per month upsell.

7. Inclusion in the range of low-cost products with a large margin.Offers a cheap product is easy, sellers will not be difficult to sell it to further stimulate them is not necessary.Cheap products will attract customers to the store to buy a large number of cheap goods than originally planned.

Incentive shares as a means of increasing the cash receipt

Special Deals - another way to increase the average ticket.Holding shares "a gift for purchase", "If you buy 2 items 3rd free" discount at certain times of the day, sales.Such actions help to establish trust between the store and contact the customer and leave a good impression to the buyer.Also during the stimulus increases the conversion of the shares, that is, increasing the number of people who came out of the store with the purchase.Additional opportunity to get contact details of the client, which in the future could be used for dissemination of information on ongoing store promotions.


As a result, the company will increase trade turnover by increasing the number of purchases in the cash receipt.There will be a decrease in the share of small checks and increase the share of medium, which indicates the effectiveness of both merchandising and staff.In addition, increase the number of impulse purchases, if the optimization of assortment and display of goods.And at the heart of positive dynamics - the average bill!